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Page 162

doesn’t want to be found.”
“Look. Don’t lie to me.” Merry’s voice was taut with frustration and

anger. “I’ve had enough of lying. I could dissect a corpse in Bailey’s
office, it’s so clean. Not a shred of paper to show what he might have
been doing, or where he’s gone. Somebody tidied up after him. Was it
you? Or the Chief?”
“It wasn’t me.”
“This is starting to look like a cover-up, Tim.”
“I’m not much interested in threats, Mere. You should know that by

now. I’d better get back to Ryan.”
“Wait—” Merry held up her hand. “Protect Bailey if you must. I don’t

care. I’ll figure it out eventually.”
“You always do. No matter how late in the game, and regardless of the

The sarcasm in his voice was like a lash. He was thinking, Merry

knew, of the people who had died last spring, and the knowledge made
her flush as though she had suddenly been stripped naked.
“Tim—I need your help. We found a tape on the harbor bottom, not

far from the jetties where Santorski’s body was. It’s a recording of
Bailey’s voice. From an answering machine.”
He stopped halfway to the open door. “Bailey’s on tape? With jay?”
So they known one another. “Not Jay. A woman. I thought you

might be able to identify her voice.” Merry reached for her purse.
“You have it here?”
She nodded.
Tim looked suddenly wary. “Does your dad know about this, Merry?”
“Why do you ask?”
“You know why. I’m not about to get between you two.”
“He’s already heard the tape.”
“Did he tell you to play it for me?”
“No,” Merry said unwillingly. “I thought of that on my own. You and

Phil are Bailey’s best friends on the force. You’d be likely to know if he

Page 163

was seeing anybody.”
“He wasn’t. At least, not that I heard.”
“You couldn’t prove it by this tape.”
Tim looked at her narrowly. “You think it has something to do with
his disappearance?”
“I don’t even begin to understand what’s going on, Mere.”
“Neither do I.” She pulled her microrecorder out of her purse and
pressed the PLAY button. “I just want you to listen to this.”
Beeps and voices. Tim leaned over the recorder.
“It’s the third message,” she told him.
“ ,” the disembodied voice began, “
“ .”
To Merry’s disappointment, Tim’s face showed nothing like
recognition at the sound of the unknown woman’s voice.

“ ”
“Tim! That’s my dad! Did he call? Where is he?”
Ryan Bailey, standing in the doorway, his thin face filled with hope.
“I forgot to shut the door, Mere,” Tim said guiltily. He stood up and
reached for the boy. “It’s not your dad, Ryan. It’s just a tape.”
“How’d you get it?”
Tim looked helplessly at Merry.
“Ryan,” she said, coming to a swift decision, “do you think you could
listen to this all the way through? It might help us find your dad.”
“Sure.” Ryan shrugged, trying to hide his disappointment. “But he’s
just talking to Hannah.”
The name jolted through Merry like an electric shock. There couldn’t
be women with that name involved in this mess.
“Dad really likes her a lot. I saw him kiss her once, when they didn’t

Page 324

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