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TitleDAX Formulas for PowerPivot
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Total Pages255
Table of Contents
First Chapter
Copyright page
Supporting Workbooks and Data Sets
A Note on Hyperlinks
1- A Revolution Built on YOU
2- What Version of PowerPivot Should You Use?
3- Learning PowerPivot “The Excel Way”
4- Loading Data Into PowerPivot
5- Intro to Calculated Columns
6- Introduction to DAX Measures
7- The “Golden Rules” of DAX Measures
8- CALCULATE() – Your New Favorite Function
9- ALL() – The “Remove a Filter” Function
10- Thinking in Multiple Tables
11- “Intermission” – Taking Stock of Your New Powers
12- Disconnected Tables
13- Introducing the FILTER() Function, and Disconnected Tables Continued
14- Introduction to Time Intelligence
15- IF(), SWITCH(), BLANK(), and Other Conditional Fun
16- SUMX() and Other X (“Iterator”) Functions
17- Multiple Data Tables
18- Time Intelligence with Custom Calendars:  Advanced Use of FILTER()
19- Performance:  How to keep things running fast.
20- Advanced Calculated Columns
21- The Final Transformation:  One Click That Will Change Your Life Forever
A1- Further Proof That the Game is Changing
A2- So Much Power, So Little Space:  Further Capabilities
A3- Four Common Error Messages
A4- People:  The Most Powerful Feature of PowerPivot

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