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Mind Control Hypnosis

Mind Control Publishing

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Mind Control Hypnosis


Defensive Devices

Defensive machines are an offshoot of alarms
that automatically begin behaviors to keep the
subject safe. An if/then example of an automatic
defensive device would be "If I'm alone in an
unfamiliar environment then I become very aware of
all the people around me."

Well trained body guards have create very
strong defensive mind machines to keep them and
their clients safe.

Influencing Machines

Influencing machines are used when dealing

directly with other people for the purposes of
influencing them.

Influencing machines automatically bring
together a combination of sharp observation,
learned skilled and focused desires to keep the
subject focused on persuading others to their goals.

Some sales people simply think of it as a
"switch" that they turn on and it brings to bare all of
their skills and talents right when they need them.

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