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Daily Inspiration

Robin Sharma

From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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ISBN 978-81-7992-794-6

First Jaico Impression: 2008
Fifth Jaico Impression: 2009

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Impact and Legacy

January 2

Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. The
secret of passion truly is purpose.

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Impact and Legacy

January 3

Success cannot be pursued; success ensues. It flows as the
unintended byproduct of efforts concentrated in the direction
of a worthy cause.

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Impact and Legacy

January 9

A cause to stand for unleashes energy, no matter if it’s one
about creating incredible experiences for the men and women
who give you business or one that involves saving the world.
All remarkable creations begin with energy—and
commitment. Resolve to be extraordinary in all that you do.

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Impact and Legacy

January 10

Find your cause, and then do your work with pride and
love—love is such an incredible force for good. It’s the most
powerful thing in the world.

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