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Cycloid Drawing Machine

Center Gear
Center Gear Setups create some of the most wonderful and
complicated designs. The key is to lock the center gear so it
does not rotate. The outer gear rotates around the stationary
center gear. Larger gears are used for the base so the revolving
gear does not overlap.

Insert a 2-inch screw
on the Fulcrum slide
at 14.

Crank Train
Position the 98 gear
on the lower right
with a screw to drive
the other gears.

Base Gear
Using a 2-inch screw
mesh the 100 gear
with the 98 gear.

Revolving Gear
Add a 1-inch screw
with 2 small wash-
ers and full bearing.

Add 2 large washers.
Place a 1/2 bearing
on the washer.

Center Gear
Add a 40 gear on
the 1/2 bearing.

Lock in Place
Add a washer and
nut. Tighten.

The 1/2 bearing
prevents the gear
from turning.

Add Gear
Position a 34 gear
with a drive screw
already attached.

34 Gear
Lock gear in place
and add 2 spacers.
Use brass washers.

Rod Extender
The connector rod
will need an exten-

YouTube Video
There is an in-depth video showing
the Center Gear Setup on the
Cycloid Drawing Machine website:

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