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(a)Three dimensional resiliency

(b)Stack of many layer could produce a shock mount, an airflow corrector/an

efficient filter

(c)Tightly compressed curled metal produced the Slip-deal for auto application


Continues R&D: It originally custom-fabricated component for chemical filtration

and other highly technical applications. Subsequently, it developed a product

called slip-seal to prevent the escape of very hot exhaust gases. Further, it

evolved with new application for curled metal technology in driving pile.

Manufacturing: To estimated production volume of 250 cushions pads per month

by utilizing the manufacturing facilities which were:

(a) One existing utilized equipment

(b) One permanent tooling cost of $150,000

Selling strategy

They considered direct sales force and own distribution outlets, but eventually

began to settle on signing construction-oriented manufacturer’s representative.

Problem faced by Curled Metal Inc. (CMI)

(a) Pricing decision

(b) Channel marketing decision

(b) Investment in manufacturing equipment

Barriers for CMI to entry

(a) View point of major stakeholders

The most companies viewed role of pads as a necessary accessory or tangent item

instead of viewing them as a potentially value adding or cost reducing part of pile

driving. In order to penetrate the market, CMI has to alter the point of view of pile

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8. Use effective advertisement in business magazines to target market, publish test

results in magazine and newspapers

9. Position the product as:-

a) Cost effective.

b) Efficient, more piles driven per set, energy used efficiently

c) Easy to handle as temperature stays within 250 F

d) Safe

e) Reduces time for changeover


1. Take advantage of the existing distribution networks like Equipment Supply Houses

and Hammer Distribution Rental Companies

2. The company could hire sales force and do direct selling through this in-house sales


3. The company could also start online sales

4. Attempt to go through distributors through push method. Hire independent

manufacturers’ representatives for the same

5. Sell directly to contractors, architectural and consulting engineers and engineering

firms by educating them on the efficiency and safety benefits of the new CMI pads (a

pull approach).

6. The company could also lobby the labour unions to push for higher safety standards

and abandon the hazardous used pads and adopt CMI pads

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