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The Science



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The Science Behind the Supernatural



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The Mystic Mind

thought - positive visualisation - the controlled use of mind

power. And its principles are really quite simple.

Thought becomes form. Change the thought, you change the

form. Negative thoughts create negative actions. Positive thoughts

create positive actions - and reactions . .

If you convince yourself you will fail, you will fail:
I� yo�

convince yourself you can succeed, you will succeed. OphIDlsm IS

Michael Flatley, who wrote and choreographed the inspiring

and passionate dance spectacles 'Riverdanc�', and 'Lord of t�e
Dance', and now a highly successful personahty and performer In

his own right, came from a poor Irish family. Although Michael

would spend most of his time at school staring out of the �dow
day dreaming, much to the annoyance of his teachers, he clalIDs he

was busy visualising his future. 'I can't emphasis it enough,' h.

said: 'just keep visualising what you want in glorious colour and It

will come to you.'
Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft Corporation visualised a

computer in every home as a dream of things to come - when

computers were still mainframe. His dream however came true.

He just kept on visualising.

How much does will power and positive visualisation of one's

own destiny affect that destiny itself? Can positive thinking really

help us improve our lives and achieve extraordinary feats?

There are many New-Age self-help books now available that

encourage us to 'think positive thoughts' and 'visualise' what we

want for ourselves. We are told we can transform our lives in this

way. Can thought really work in such a profound way? . .
In recent experiments conducted in a US hospItal, posIhve

thoughts and prayers were said for half of an �xperimental group
of patients, whilst the others had no prayers saId for them at all. In

the meticulously controlled experiments, it was found that the

group of patients, who had been prayed for, recovered quicker by

far than the group who had not been prayed for. None of the

patients were aware of which group they were in.

In his book The God Experiment author Russell Stannard

documents the experiments conducted at the Mind/Body Medical

Institute, New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, Mass­

achusetts, which is run by the projects chief investigator Dr

Herbert Benson.


Mind Over Matter

Dr Benson found crucial evidence to support the power of
prayer, which was substantiated by a study performed by R.c.
Bird who also found similar test results.

Prayer is the power of thought intensified and directed at a
higher mind source than the individual self. People who pray in
groups intensify the mind power considerably. Prayer, meditation or
contemplation is used in nearly all religions as a medium to higher
states of consciousness.

Of course, praying is not just about asking for material things, we
can help people, protect people and help heal people with our
positive, focused thoughts.

Lack of thought or care for a person has equally powerful effects.
The official prayers of blessing and protection that were said for

Princess Diana were stopped very shortly before her tragic death.
The prayer and blessing normally considered essential for the

launching of new ships - 'God bless this ship and all who sail in
her' - was omitted for The Titanic, The Britannic and The Olympic.
White Star Line did not believe in such time-wasting formalities.

Two of these giant vessels, The Britannic and The Titanic, both
met dramatic fates, the latter of which sank on her maiden voyage
to New York after colliding with an iceberg, losing over one 1,200
souls. The third, The Olympic, was involved in a dramatic mid-sea
collision. Is it a coincidence that none of them were blessed and
that all three of them met dramatic fates?


Thought is so powerful, that it can heal, it can destroy, and it can
shape our lives in a remarkable way, both individual and collective.

Can our thoughts affect the outcome of events?
Recent research in the US has proved conclusively that in

experiments where the volunteers had to will various numbers up
on a random number-generating computer programme, the volun­
teers themselves were distinctly able to influence the outcome of
what was apparently random number selection, by will power

Dr Lev Pyatnitsky, a physicist at the Russian Academy of
Sciences, has been studying the ability of people's minds to affect
t he environment. Using tap water, Dr Pyatnitsky proved in a study
of 15 volunteers that six were able to focus their minds on the
water sufficiently to cluster the molecules more tightly together.
'Statistically' he said, 'it is like tossing a coin and getting heads
billions and billions of times.'

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The Mystic Mind

, As we have already seen, the primary agitating factor on the
pre-physical body is thought. Thoughts, moods and feelings
project electromagnetic changes in the auric field, which
eventually crystallises onto the material plane.

Now, a thought and an action do not just affect you: whatever
you think and do will have a corresponding effect on the rest of
the material plane. The vibrations that you set up for yourself,
which are a direct result of your own thinking patterns, will
eventually and absolutely result in the resonance within the
universe which will attract like vibrations.

The more we believe in, and focus our mental power on the
outcome of our efforts in a positive way, the more likely they are
to happen. This is now scientifically proven. The vibrations you
set up for yourself through your thought habits and patterns will,
believe it or not, eventually manifest onto the material plane from
the higher energy which is the source of thought, and you will
then find that the world you inhabit, is a world of your own

We can change it; improve it for the better, by using our powers
of visualisation (right brain), for, as we saw in the examples on
hypnosis, the mind is very sensitive to suggestion.

It has recently been proved that activated nerve cells in the
brain use oxygen at a faster rate than inactive ones, and so the
draining of oxygen in a region indicates the presence of activity in
the other. Repeated stimulation of one particular area actually
creates new and more ingrained neural pathways. This is obvious
when you think of any new task you have set yourself, which
proves difficult and slow to begin with, playing the piano, for
instance, but after constant practice and repetition, becomes
second nature.

Mental visualisation actually changes the shape of the brain.
In his book Mind Sculpture, Your Brain's Untapped Potential

author and researcher Ian Robertson has proved that by repeating
certain tasks over and over again, the brain actually creates new
neural pathways for itself, and once the task has been repeated
sufficiently, it actually becomes part of the brain's permanent
neural network.

He writes, 'Can we actually see what happens in the brain
during mental practice? Fortunately we can. Using a PET scanner,
a brain scanner that shows which parts of the brain are active

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Mind Over Matter

during different mental and physical tasks, people were studied as
they imagined themselves moving. The movements were based on
a simple task - manipulating a joystick - and the brains were
watched to see which areas were switched on when people
imagined moving it. The results were compared with what
happened when the same people simply got ready to move the
joystick without actually moving it.

'It was also discovered that very similar parts of the brain lit up
in these two different situations. In other words, mentally
imagining a movement triggers much the same brain machinery
as does preparing to make the same movement. It seems therefore,
that imagining a movement is not very different from actually
making the same movement as far as the brain is concerned.'

The act of positive visualisation actually affects the brain in a
remarkable way. Imagine if you kept imagining it, and set up
positive vibrations for yourself, and then it materialised for you.

The more we visualise a situation, the more likely it is to

However, a cautionary note here: you should only ever apply
positive thinking to your own life. Although you can always send
positive thoughts to someone, such as love, support, friendship, you
should never manipulate others with your own desires for them.
This could obviously have negative consequences for both of you. As
they say, be careful what you wish for. Because whatever you send
out will eventually come back to you.

Positive thinking is a means of creating new opportunities for
yourself. The power of positive thinking, the clear, controlled and
creative use of imagination, represents the ability of the individual to
harmonise with, and access universal energy.

As we have already seen, there are higher and subtler energies
that exist within the individual energy matrix, which exist on
increasingly finer levels of energy and vibration that is ultimately
pure universal energy. You can tap into it.

These higher levels of energy, originally manifested from pure
t hought, are extremely sensitive to your thought vibrations and will
actually and absolutely manifest as a virtual reality the physical
manifestations of those thoughts, whatever they may be. ('As a man
thinketh in his heart, so shall he be' - Proverbs 23:7.)

As we saw earlier, changes are firstly produced on the auric field
(electromagnetic force field) before they manifest onto the physical


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The Mystic Mind

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About the Author

Crystal Love started her career as a writer and artist in advertising
and publishing. Disillusioned with the commercial world, she took
a year's sabbatical during which time she had her first profound
mystical experience.

Since that time, Crystal has devoted herself to in-depth research
into the mystical and paranormal in an attempt to explain these
phenomena in a rational way.

She is also a practising Astrologer, Psychic and Healer and has
appeared extensively on UK radio and television, discussing the
supernatural and paranormal.

Her first book, Astrology, Tarot and The New Age, was published in
2000 (US Games Systems Inc) and re-roots the tarot to its original
astrological origins. The book is accompanied by a set of New Age
tarot cards - 'The One World Deck' - based on her original designs.

She currently lives in London and is also a painter and ceramic
artist with a keen interest in film and music production.


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