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4th Edition


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Internet Service
Sun N Surf Internet Café sits just off the Circus in the TDC Mall on
Fort Street (downstairs). Open from 9 am to 8 pm. You can access e-
mail while enjoying one of Mrs. Ottley’s delicious cakes and pastries.
� 869-465-1998; [email protected]

The Pier
Cruise ships arriving in St. Kitts will now be welcomed at the newpier adjacent to the Pelican Mall shopping complex in down-
town Basseterre. The facility, completed in 1997, will allow larger
ships to dock in Basseterre, which is very convenient for exploration
of the island and the capital of St. Kitts.

Pelican Mall offers a variety of shops, a bank, post office and the
islands tourism bureau for visitor information. The ferry that runs
passengers to Nevis, the Caribe Queen, also operates from the same
pier area.

Pier Phones
The AT&T Direct long distance service can be reached by calling
� (800) 872-2881 from St. Kitts when using an AT&T credit card. An
international operator assists in making collect calls, which may be
more expensive here than on other islands.

The Cable & Wireless Company offers a special phone number to
use for calling the States. Dial 1-800-255-5872 (CALL USA) to make
collect calls, or to make credit card or US calling card calls. Voice
instructions guide you through the procedure.

The area code for St. Kitts and Nevis is 869, and it’s a long-distance
phone call from the United States.

In Town
The Eastern Caribbean dollar, tied to the US dollar at approximately
EC $2.65 to S $1, is widely used in St. Kitts. Taxi drivers and tour oper-

150 � The Pier

Page 168

ators often quote their rates in US dollars, so be sure to ask which
currency is being used. Most merchants price merchandise in EC, but
gladly figure the exchange rate and accept US currency, traveler’s
checks and credit cards.

You may get a better exchange rate at a bank or through your credit
card company than with local merchants. If the cruise ship visits sev-
eral islands using EC currency, consider cashing some traveler’s
checks at a bank to secure the better rate. Banks in Basseterre are
located in the Pelican Mall and TDC Mall off Fort Street leading away
from the Circus. Bank hours are Monday through Thursday from
8 am to 3 pm, Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8:30 am
to 11 am.

There are postal facilities at the Pelican Mall and the St. Kitts Post
Office is just next door in downtown Basseterre. It opens from 8 am
to 3 pm daily, except Thursday, when it closes at 11 am. St. Kitts and
Nevis both produce stamps bearing their island’s name. To send an
airmail postcard from either island costs about US 20¢. (Remember,
US postage is not accepted.) A great selection of St. Kitts collector’s
issues are available at the Philatelic Bureau in the Pelican Mall. Also
visit the Philatelic Bureau on Nevis, which is to the right of the ferry
station, near the open-air market square.

Museums & Historical Sites

St. Kitts
A 25-minute drive will take you to the Brimstone Hill Fortress
National Park,, one of the most
magnificent fortresses in the West Indies. The entry charge of
US $10/adult, $5/child contributes to further restoration of the area.
The national park is open 9:30 am to 5:30 pm daily. Eight sites are
currently restored within the 37 acres of five bastions. Cannons are
turned vertically on end, lining the narrow drive leading to the fort
and set along the fort walls inside the massive entry gate.

The map (available at the entrance) identifies the sites with numbers
that correspond with markers in the historic area. Climb up the long
stairway to the Citadel and you’ll be rewarded by unsurpassed views
of the steep slopes, Sandy Point and the island of St. Eustastius in the
distance. A small museum at the top of the fort contains Pre-Colum-

Museums & Historical Sites � 151





Page 333

Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, 202; map,

Pointe du Bout, Martinique, 220-221,

Pointe Seraphine Shopping Mall,
Castries, St. Lucia, 230-231, 236

Portsmouth, Dominica, 189
Puerto Rico: beaches, 49-51; buses, 44;

car rentals, 44-45; casinos, 35; cur-
rency, 35; geography, 31-32; history,
31-32; holidays, 33; land sports, 51-
52; language, 33; map, 47; one-day
itineraries, 54-58; organized tours
and activities, 46-49; people and cul-
ture, 32-33; phones, 34; The Pier, 34;
postage, 35; self-guided tours, 45-
46; shopping, 41-43; taxis, 43; trans-
portation and excursions, 43-45;
watersports, 52-53; websites, 33-34

Quincentennial Plaza, Old San Juan,

Puerto Rico, 38

Raices Fountain, Old San Juan, Puerto

Rico, 36
Rawlins Plantation, St. Kitts, 159-160
Redcliffe Quay, St. John’s, Antigua, 130-

Reduit Beach, St. Lucia, 241
Richmond Plantation, Barbados, 268
Riise Mall, St. Thomas, 74-75
Rio de Camuy Caves Park, Puerto Rico,

Roseau, Dominica, 180, 182-185; map,

Route de la Trace, Martinique, 222
Route de la Traversée, Guadeloupe, 212
Royal Dane Mall, Charlotte Amalie, St.

Thomas, 73-74

Sainte-Anne, Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe,

Sainte-Marie, Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe,

Sam Lord’s Castle, Barbados, 273-274
Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados, 273
San Juan Cathedral, Old San Juan,

Puerto Rico, 40

San Juan Gate, Old San Juan, Puerto
Rico, 36

Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas, 9
Schoelcher Library, Fort-de-France,

Martinique, 216
School of Fine Arts, Old San Juan,

Puerto Rico, 39-40
Scots Kirk, St. George’s, Grenada, 289
Secret Harbour Beach, St. Thomas, 83,

Seven Sisters, Grenada, 299
Shirley Heights, Antigua, 144
Shoal Bay, Anguilla, 110-111
Sint Maarten/St. Martin: beaches, 112-

114; buses, 107-108; car rentals, 108;
casinos, 100; currency, 99-100;
geography, 95-96; history, 95; holi-
days, 97; land sports, 114-115; map,
109; museums and historical sites,
100-101; one-day itineraries, 119-
122; organized tours and activities,
111-112; people and culture, 96-97;
phones, 98-99; The Pier, 98-99; post-
age, 100; self-guided tours, 110-111;
shopping, 99, 101-105; taxis, 105-
107; transportation and excursions,
105-108; watersports, 115-119;
websites, 97

Soufrière Estate, St. Lucia, 242, 252
Soufrière, St. Lucia, 230, 242, 249
South Friar’s Bay, St. Kitts, 166-167
St. Christopher Heritage Society (SCHS),

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 152
St. George’s Anglican Church, St.

George’s, Grenada, 290
St. George’s Anglican Church,

Baseterre, St. Lucia, 153
St. George’s, Grenada, 283-284, 288-

290, 292-293; map, 291
St. James Club Morgan Bay, St. Lucia,

244, 245, 247
St. John Perse Complex, Point-à-Pitre,

Guadeloupe, 199-200, 202
St. John’s, Antigua, 128; map, 127
St. John, US Virgin Islands, 60-62; shop-

ping, 76-77
St. Kitts and Nevis: beaches, 165-167;

car rentals, 158-159; currency, 150-
151; geography, 145-147; history,
145-147; holidays, 149; Internet ser-

316 � Index

Page 334

vices, 150; land sports, 167-168;
maps, 161, 173; museums and his-
torical sights, 151-154; one-day itin-
erary, 171-174; organized tours and
activities, 163-165; people and cul-
ture, 148-149; phones, 150; The Pier,
150; postage, 151; self-guided tours,
159-163; shopping, 155-158; taxis,
158; transportation and excursions,
158-159; watersports, 168-170;
websites, 149

St. Lucia: beaches, 243-244; car rentals,
240; currency, 234; geography, 229-
230; helicopter rides, 243; history,
229-230; holidays, 232; land sports,
245-246; map, 251; museums and
historical sites, 234-236; one-day
itinerary, 249-252; organized tours
and activities, 241-243; people and
culture, 231-121; phones and phone
cards, 233-234; The Pier, 233-234;
postage, 234; self-quided tours, 240-
241; shopping, 236-239; taxis, 239;
transportation and excursions, 239-
240; watersports, 247-249; websites,

St. Pierre, Martinique, 196, 213, 222,

The Straw Factory, Charlotte Amalie, St.
Thomas, 70

St. Thomas Reformed Church, Char-
lotte Amalie, St. Thomas, 70

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands: beaches,
88-89; buses, 79; car rentals, 79;
currency, 66; day sails, 87; geogra-
phy, 59-60; history, 59-60; holidays,
63; land sports, 89-90; map, 81; one-
day itinerary, 92-93; organized tours

and activities, 86-87; people and cul-
ture, 62-63; phones, 64; The Pier, 64-
66; postage, 67; self-guided tours,
80-86; shopping, 65-66, 72-77; sub-
marine adventures, 86-87; taxis, 77-
78; transportation and excursions,
77-79; watersports, 90-92; websites,

Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia, 230, 242,

Sunbury Plantation House, Barbados,

Ti-Tou Gorge, Dominica, 193
Trafalgar Falls, Dominica, 193-194
Trafalgar Square, Bridgetown, Barba-

dos, 260
Travel agents, 1
Trunk Bay, St. John, 83-84
Turtle Beach, St. Kitts, 165
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village, Barbados,

262, 281

Vendor’s Plaza, Charlotte Amalie, St.

Thomas, 67
Vigie Beach, St. Lucia, 244
Virgin Islands National Park, St. John,

Volcano Crater Lake, St. Kitts, 163

Wharfside Village, St. John, 76

Zoological & Botanical Park, Basse-

Terre, Guadeloupe, 204

Index � 317


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