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Buying Time for the Flesh Machine: Pharmacology and Social Order 79

behavior, social control drugs can be used temporarily to
reinforce the prison walls of social imperatives and
normative behavior. This is not to say that drugs for the
purpose of social control will completely disappear when
the flesh machine matures; it is only to say that bio-
chemical intervention will be minimized in the future.
Social control drugs will always have a place in reform-
ing or eliminating deviant behavior that is primarily
caused by cultural conditions, and to enhance norma-
tive behavior (smart drugs).

Neutralizing Emotion

Most antidepressants and mood stabilizers are designed for people
who are still socially functional and reasonably well inte-
grated into their social systems. The problem with these
people is that their mood swings can disrupt the spaces of
production and consumption. Efficient work requires sta-
bilized, rational, instrumental behavior. Behaviors which
fall outside of these parameters are considered undesirable
and disruptive. Excessive emotion that does not originate
within the process of work itself decreases a worker’s
output. This would not be so bad if it were self-contained;
unfortunately, work is generally a group process. When
excessive emotion affects a worker so much that it mani-
fests itself in behavior, it initiates a social current that has
a detrimental effect on the other workers, both in terms of
morale and behavior. Consequently, interventionist prac-
tices become necessary. Antidepressants and mood
stabilizers arrest the behavioral symptoms of excessive
emotion. While they do not necessarily help the indi-
vidual using them find peace of mind, they do tend to

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