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TitleCriminal liability of legal persons in EU-countries
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Pavel Biriukov

Criminal liability of legal persons
in EU-countries

VSU Publishing House


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UDC 343.37(100-87)
BBC 67.408

R e v i e w e r s:

Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, University of Zurich (Swiss)
Andreas Donatsch,

Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Hana Horak

The translation proofreader –

PhD, Associаte Professor S. Y. Kapkova (Voronezh)

Biriukov Pavel
Criminal liability of legal persons in EU-countries / P. N. Biriukov. –
Voronezh : VSU Publishing House, 2015. – 319 p.

ISBN 978-5-9273-2246-6

This monograph deals with the standards of criminal liability of legal
persons on the basis of existing international and national law in 19 the EU-

Documents are issued for January 1, 2015.
It is designed for teachers and students of law schools and faculties, law

enforcement officials.
UDC 343.37(100-87)
BBC 67.408

© Biriukov P. N., 2015
ISBN 978-5-9273-2246-6 © VSU Publishing House, 2015

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joint-stock company. In order to apply these rules, the powers of the board
of directors or its chairman shall be exercised by the chairman of the simpli-
fied joint-stock company or by those of its directors which the articles of as-
sociation specify for this purpose.

The simplified joint-stock company may not make a public offering.
The decision to convert into a simplified joint-stock company shall be taken
unanimously by the partners. If one person holds all the shares in a simpli-
fied joint-stock company, the provisions of art. 1844-5 of the CiC on wind-
ing-up proceedings shall not apply.

The articles of association shall fix the conditions in accordance with
which the company is managed. The company is represented in its dealings
with third parties by a chairman appointed as prescribed in the memoran-
dum and articles of association. The chairman is invested with the broadest
powers to act on behalf of the company in all circumstances, within the pur-
view of the corporate mission. When a legal person is appointed chairman
or director of a simplified joint-stock company, the directors of said legal
person shall be subject to the same conditions and obligations and shall in-
cur the same civil and criminal liabilities as if they were chairman or direc-
tor in their own name, without prejudice to the joint liability of the legal
person which they manage. The rules establishing the liability of members
of the board of directors and management of public limited companies shall
apply to the chairman and directors of the simplified joint-stock company.

The articles of association shall determine the decisions which must be
taken collectively by the partners in the forms and in accordance with the
conditions which they specify. In companies consisting of only one partner,
the annual report, annual accounts and, where applicable, consolidated fi-
nancial statements shall be made up by the chairman. The sole proprietor
shall approve the accounts, following a report from the auditor, within six
months of the end of the financial year. The sole proprietor may not dele-
gate their powers. Their decisions shall be listed in a register.

7. The activity of the EEIGs (Groupements européens d'intérêt
économique) is regulated by the Act № 89-377 of 13 June 1989 on Europe-

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an economic interest groups and amending Ordinance № 67-821 of 23 Sep-
tember 1967 on the economic interest groups203.

8. Societas Europaea (SE). A transnational EU company was intro-
duced into French law by Act 2005, called the Societas Europaea or SE204.

Companies are registered in the Register of trade and societies205 ar-
ranged by the officer of the court (greffe des tribunaux). Trading companies
shall have legal personality with effect from their registration in the com-
mercial and companies register. The conversion in due form of a company
shall not give rise to the creation of a new legal personality. The same shall
apply with respect to extension. Persons who have acted in the name of a
company in formation before it has acquired enjoyment of legal personality
shall be held jointly and indefinitely liable for the acts thus accomplished
unless the company, after having been formed and registered in due form,
takes over its obligations thus entered into.

The Register of Commerce and Companies206 is required by the
Commercial Court (tribunal de commerce). The Register different greffes
de tribunaux are centralized in the Register held by the National Institute of
Industrial Property207.

A number of formalities are required in order to set up a French com-
pany. In particular, setting up a business first requires the signature of a
commercial lease contract (or a domiciliation contract with a business cen-
ter), the signature of the articles of association, the filing of these articles
with the tax office and the publication of a notice containing the company’s
main characteristics in a legal publication. The procedure is considerably
faster than in the past and can be carried out online. The entire process is

203 Loi № 89-377 du 13 juin 1989 relative aux groupements européens d'intérêt
économique et modifiant l'ordonnance № 67-821 du 23 septembre 1967 sur les groupements
d'intérêt économique //

204 Loi № 2005-842 du 26 juillet 2005 pour la confiance et la modernisation de
l'économie //

205 le Registre du commerce et des sociétés //

206 Le registre du commerce et des sociétés (RCS) //
207 Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle //

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2. Право евразийской интеграции
3. Основы разработки электронных образовательных ресурсов
4. Валютное право России
5. Право Всемирной Торговой Организации
6. Право Европейского Союза
7. Международное право
Обучение проводится в дистанционном режиме. Выдается свиде-

тельство ВГУ о повышении квалификации государственного образца.
Центр может разработать программу в сфере юриспруденции по

желанию заказчика.

III. Специалисты Центра европейского и международного

права проводят юридические экспертизы и дают заключения по
международному праву, праву ЕС, законодательству зарубежных го-
сударств и России, осуществляют юридическое сопровождение сделок,
представительство в судах, перевод документов на европейские языки.

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Н а у ч н о е и з д а н и е

Pavel Biriukov

Criminal liability of legal
persons in EU-countries

Уголовная ответственность юридических лиц

в государствах – членах ЕС

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