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| Creative communities | People inventing sustainable ways of living | Edited by
Anna Meroni | with essays by: Priya Bala | Paolo Ciuccarelli | Luisa Collina | Bas de Leeuw | François Jégou |
Helma Luiten | Ezio Manzini | Isabella Marras | Anna Meroni | Eivind Stø | Pål Strandbakken | Edina Vadovics |

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TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Teun Heesterbeek, Rick Hölsgens, Marieke Moerman

The novelty in this service is that a bicycle repair man visits clients at home and fixes their bike
instantly, which is much easier than getting to a repair shop with a broken bike!
Giovanni – the founder and repairman – has kitted out a bus to become a mobile workshop, for
about 15,000 euros.

There used to be at least one bike repairman in nearly every Dutch neighbourhood, but as bicycles
have got more reliable, their workload reduced and they closed down. Nowadays there are much
fewer such handymen, and the market has been taken over by larger companies. It therefore
takes longer to get a bike repaired, and it can of course be difficult actually getting to the repair

Current situation
The project has been going for three years, and has attracted a lot of interest. At the moment
Giovanni is the only provider of the Mobile Bicycle Repairman service, but he is ready to recruit
other repairmen and give them busses to work in other districts. At the same time, a franchising
company ‘Fietsnet’ is preparing a full-scale national project to provide this service (with about 150
vans) all over the country.

The experience
Meeting and talking to Giovanni.
The luxury of a home service.

Design challenges
Designing bikes that are easy to dismantle and re-
assemble and a standard set of spare parts.
Designing suitably light and green mobile repair vans.
Designing software and equipment to optimise the
logistics of the service.

Giving cyclists easier access to bicycle repairs.

The Netherlands, Brunssum
Mobiele Fietsenmaker – Mobile Bicycle Repairman
By Giovanni Putzu mobile bicycle repairman

The benefits
Society. Providing an easy way for people to have their bikes fixed stimulates people to use their
bikes more.

Environment. Renovating the bikes prolongs the life cycle of the product.

Economy. Users get their bikes repaired conveniently for a good price. The popularity of the service
means the provider fulfills a clear need.

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Henrik is about to leave on his bike
when he realises has a flat tyre.
Remembering an advertisement
for the mobile bike repairman he
calls Giovanni, who comes over to
Henrik’s home.
After discussing the problem, he
takes the bike into his van to fix it
All the tools he needs are in the
van. Giovanni shows Henrik the
receipt, and gives him some advice
and a contact card.
The customer satisfied, Giovanni
leaves for his next customer.

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