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Black Mirage Shipyard’s MEBlack Mirage Shipyard’s MEBlack Mirage Shipyard’s MEBlack Mirage Shipyard’s ME----12 “Valkyrie”12 “Valkyrie”12 “Valkyrie”12 “Valkyrie”

by bas975by bas975by bas975by bas975
Art by [email protected]

Agi d12 Str d4 Vit d6 Ale d12 Int d2 Wil d10;
Init d12+d12; LP 14

Traits: Good Name (minor)

Skills: Autopilot: d2; Detection: d2

Tonnage 135 tons
Speed Class 3/5
Crew 9 total, pilot, co-pilot, plus 2 armed defenders, plus 5 medical staff
Crew Quarters seats
Fuel Capacity 0.4 tons of liquid fuel (118.5 hrs)
Cargo Capacity none
Passenger Capacity 5 total, 4 in hospital beds and 1 in operating theatre
Passenger Quarters Hospital ward
Armament None

Gear winch & operating theatre
Complexity Very High
Price 12,555 (not including winch or operating theatre)
Maintenance Costs 48/month
Armour: 4w/2s
Subcraft: none

Based on the medical evacuation choppers of the Vietnam War, the Valkyrie was designed to search, rescue, extract and treat wounded soldiers
from even hostile territory. While it earned a good name from those it saved during the Unification War; the crews who actually served on them
couldn’t wait to get back to the carriers and hospital ships that launched them due to the cramped conditions. While designed to hold up to 5
wounded it was often only used for one. While larger ships like the modified Firefly and ALST would handle larger groups of wounded.

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Victoria class Alliance Special Operations CorvetteVictoria class Alliance Special Operations CorvetteVictoria class Alliance Special Operations CorvetteVictoria class Alliance Special Operations Corvette

by Lynn LeFeyby Lynn LeFeyby Lynn LeFeyby Lynn LeFey

Agi d8 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d10 Int d19 Wil d6;
Init d8+d10; LP 14


Skills: Athletics d4, Perception d6, Covert d4 (Stealth d10)

Dimensions: 800Lx400Bx160H
Tonnage 80,000 tons
Speed Class 5 cruise/ 9 Hard Burn
Crew 50
Crew Quarters
Fuel Capacity 1600 tons (600 Hours)
Cargo Capacity 16,000 tons
Passenger Capacity 320
Passenger Quarters
Armament Main Guns (2): 50-lb (d4 ship-scale), 500 rounds
Missile Load: 1600 tons. Missile load is mission specific.

Complexity Very High
Price 10,120,000
Maintenance Costs 384,000 per year
Armour: W4 (Newtech, weighs half normal tonnage

The Victoria class corvette was designed to allow insertion of special forces and their equipment into areas unnoticed. Due to its ability to move
undetected, and its relatively high amount of firepower, these vessels are often put under the command of Parliament Operatives who need a fast
ship with sufficient firepower to resolve any likely armed conflict.

Notes: This is intended to be the “Operative’s Ship” from the Serenity movie. It steps outside normal rules by allowing a Stealth skill over the
standard d6. Game masters may want to decide whether this is a fitting inclusion in their game.

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