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TitleCormanthyr Empire of the Elves
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Table of Contents
	Campaign Introduction
		Time Traveling Campaigns
		Arcane Age Campaigns
		Campaign Mechanics & Details
	The Elven Mindset
		Misconceptions about Elves
		Elven Attitudes about the N'Tel'Quess
		Elven Motivations & Activities
		Elven Faculties
		Elven Death
		Elves of the Realms
		A Brief Note on Elven Equipment
	The Elven Ages
		Elven Concepts of Time & Histories
		Elven History on Faerun
		History of Cormanthyr
		Elven Timeline of Faerun
	Cormanthyr's Civilization
		Settlements of the Realm
		Leadership of the Realm
		Defense of the Realm
		Arts of the Realm
		Beliefs of the Realm
	Myth Drannor, City of Song
		Prehistory of the City
		Living Myth Drannor
		Physical Myth Drannor
		Tour of the City
		Sites & Landmarks
		Myth Drannor Key Cross-Reference
		Lake Sember
	The Tangled Vale
	Mysteries of Elven Court
		Old Elven Court & Environs
		Elven Court Today
	Cormanthyr's Citizenry
		The Rulers of Cormanthyr
		Coronal's Defenders
		Notables of Art
	Magic of the People
		Elven Attitudes and Beliefs on Magic
		High Magic
		The Forms of High Magic
		To Wield High Magic
		High Magic Advancement and Accessibility Table
		High Magic Rituals
		High Magic Consequences Table
		General Construction and Theory
		The Powers of Mythals
		The Dangers of Mythals
		Myth Drannor's Mythal
	Magical Items
		Miscellaneous Magical Items
		Tel'Kiira (Lore Gems)
		The Elfblades of Cormanthyr
	Appendix: Secrets of Windsong Tower
		Secret Structures
		Secret Sages & Students
		Secret Knowledge
		Secret Treasures
		Secret Agendas
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Page 90


The city of Semberholme is home to more than just the very
young and the very old. Over the years, others have been
needed to handle the needs of a growing city, but for the most
part the rural setting of Semberholme has remained the
same. Many families with elderly or young in Semberholme Geography
temporarily relocate to the city, replacing those that may
have just departed to keep the population stable.

Over 60% of the population of Semberholme proper is
female, be they elderly, about to give birth, or those tending
to their newly born children. The rest of the city is a combi-
nation of young elves, elderly men, and male family members
there to support and protect their families. This does not in-
clude the Moonshadows, which has as many male as female

While any elf is welcome in Semberholme, many of the per-
manent families here come from some of the richest clans in
Cormanthyr. Many working class elves can afford to visit only
for short times when birthing children, as their clan�s business
often require the attention of the entire family. All elderly, re-
gardless of class or clan, are welcome in Semberholme.

The majority of the elves in the city of Semberholme are
gold and moon elves. Outside of the members of the Moon-
shadows, there are few green elves in the city. Those who are
there are typically elderly who are either too infirm or in
some way injured and cannot survive alone in the wilderness.

All in all, the city of Semberholme is home to no more 1,000
elves. This does not include the outlying communities, which
sprung up when wealthier clans decided to found their own
villages in the surrounding forest, nor does it include the
Moonshadows. The overall population of the Semberholme
territory ranges from 2,000 to 2,500 elves.

Controlling Clans

Though primarily founded by the Ulondarr Clan, Sember-
holme has always remained a community free of political and
social turmoil. The city and its surrounding communities
form what has come to be known as the Council of Trees, the
closest thing Semberholme has to a ruling body. Though each
member of the council is considered equal, many consider
the Ulondarr clan to be one of the few to have the true pros-
perity of Semberholme at heart, gaining them the most re-
spect out of all clans on the council.

Vesperr Ulondarr (LG, moon elf, F10/M9), elder of the Ulon-
darr clan, is the leader of the council. Though conservative
and overprotective, Vesperr�s decisions prove to be popular
among all the clans of Semberholme. He is often considered
to be the �high advisor� of the council, and all moon elves
(and a large number of gold elves) tend to back Vesperr�s de-
cisions. The greens, of all the elves of Semberholme, tend to
disagree with Vesperr and his supporters the most.

Most of the resolutions the Council of Trees proclaim deal M a g i c
with the expansion of Semberholme, the encroachment of
humans, the duties of the Moonshadows, and civil relations
(when needed) with other elven communities in Cormanthyr.

Outside of Semberholme, individual clans typically are the
driving force of the smaller communities. However, many of
the moon (and some of the less haughty gold elves) often
come to the Ulondarr clan for advice prior to presenting
problems to the Council of Trees.

Semberholme is surrounded by some of the thickest foliage
in Cormanthyr. Not wishing to live in a world of near-dark-
ness, many of the communities have built high into trees to
receive more sunlight. To the elves of Cormanthyr, however,
this is more of an asset than a liability. The high density of
this immediate forest continues for a rough radius of 10 miles
north of Semberholme and Lake Sember. In some cases even
the most astute elf has to look twice to see tree dwellings
through the thick foliage.

The trees of Semberholme (as well as many of the sur-
rounding communities) consist mainly of oak trees and enor-
mous maples that rival or often surpass their oaken brethren.
Typical tree dwellings are built in one of these two types of
trees because of their strength and height from the forest
floor. In some of the less dense areas west and south of the
city there are groves of spruce and hemlock.

The rich soil of the Semberholme woods often leads to
patches of extremely dense underbrush, making overland
travel difficult. In many places it is easier to travel via the
trees, as their dense growth makes walking from one tree to
another easy for the dexterous elves.

The jungle-like canopy of these dense trees and the lack of
sun often produces a thick gray mist across the forest floor
for most of the day in Semberholme. Outside the city this is
usually accompanied by humid air, lichen, mosses, and a
mushy peat covering large patches of the forest floor.

The limestone caves beneath the city and much of the
forests of Semberholme are used primarily as havens for the
elves in case of attack. The caves are kept free of monsters
and other dangers by the Moonshadows. The caves more
often serve as training facilities for young warriors and edu-
cational studies for priests and mages than as a refuge. Still,
large stores of food, water, and other necessities are stored
there in case of attack.

Some of the caves also connect to Lake Sember via under-
ground streams. This is a bonus to the Alu�Tel�Quessir, who
use the large pools in said caves as a place to raise their
young for the first few months of their lives. Isolated under-
ground pools near Lake Sember are heated by hot springs,
and provided an excellent environment for the young aquatic
elves. At the request of the Council of Trees, members of the
Moonshadows are posted at the surface entrances to any
caves containing Alu�Tel�Quessir young. This helps further
cement relations between two races of elves.

Like the rest of Cormanthyr, magic plays an important part in
Semberholme society. Though no mythals were ever laid

Semberholme � 89

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