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POND’s Men is the latest innovation of POND’s Institute, as a result of a series of research

about men’s skin and consumer research regarding the needs of modern men.

As a brand that always prioritize scientific research and consumer needs, POND’s found out that

men and women’s skin difference are not only from the skin anatomy. “The main problems are

the tired and dull looking face, so they need different face skin care with women. They want to

look both bright and energized. The modern men needs are different due to their lifestyle, which

demand them to look best and energized every time. These are why POND’s Men develop

POND’s Men Energy Charge as the top variant, which makes their face both bright and

energized to help men in creating maximum first impression at all time”.


Following are the points considered by POND’s while launching new Products:

Meet a genuine consumer need:

Products that meet a genuine consumer need have a basis for long-term consumer interest and

purchase. Sometimes those needs are latent and are created with an innovation in the market. As

POND’s create a need for aged women by launching its new product with the name of “POND’s

AGE MERICAL RANGE” and new beauty products for men.

Strong price-value relationship:

Consumers generally want to make the best buying decision possible for the money. If the

product solves a need and performs well but the cost is too high, the customer will look

elsewhere. That is why the price of the POND’s new products are in proportion to the problem or

need it meets.

Proper positioning and differentiation:

Many times there is a great product that performs well, but the message to the customer is

wrong. Precise positioning of the product to the customer can make the difference between

success and failure. POND’s products have a unique positioning in customers minds that

differentiate it from other products.

Carefully targeted advertising.

Once the proper message is determined and to whom it should be communicated, sometimes the

media used doesn't communicate the message well, doesn't reach the target market, or is too

poorly targeted to reach the target economically. The message and the media need to be carefully



Their products on the go helped women and girls around world to keep clean of dirt, cleanse it,

and get rid of oil.

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 E-mail messages

 Magazines

 Newspapers

 Television ads


To boost Sales across Metros, cities and larger town.

To acquire higher market share POND’s is using advertisements with effective figures and

grounds which prove helpful to get advertising Objectives.

For example advertisement for POND’s age miracle with effective figure and ground plays a role

in increasing the sale of the product.

Scene 1: Two couples sitting in a house & talking about their NGO 1st Guy: “We need two

young face to represent our NGO, kyun k logo ko aaj kl sirf youth hi chahiye.” 2nd Guy:

“Actually people only listen to the young & only understand their language.” Both wives look to

each other & one of the wife say that you don’t need to worry about young face, soon you will

get them bas hum dono pe chhor do.” (After a month) Creative – Storyboard

Creative – Storyboard Scene 2: (Written below the video “After a month”): Both the couples

represent their NGO in a college with full enthusiasm Husband of 1st lady to the other husband:

“Confidence dekh rahe ho in dono mein.” 2nd husband: “Age ke saath confidence bhi wapis aa

gaya.” (Both smile looking to each other)


A SWOT analysis determines a ptoduct’s position by examining 4 factors · Strengths ·

Weaknesses · Opportunities · Threats Strengths and weaknesses are said to be internal, that is,

controlled by the company. Opportunities and Threats are outside the company's control and are

therefore said external.


 POND’S has many good quality products which care for and restore the skin’s natural

balance. The varieties include Cleanser Shaker, Facial Foam, and Night Cream.

 POND’s products are free from toxic and mercury.

 POND’s products are easy to be found in department stores.

 The packaging of POND’S products are eye-catching, suitable for its target market who

are feminine and place beauty in priorities.

 Excellent advertising and branding as POND’s is one of the most recognized brands

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 POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE only has one size of packaging. This may trouble the

consumers who would like to buy a bigger size one, and the new consumers who would

like trials.

 It has only one fragrance.

 The distribution of POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE is not quite well-spread. It has not

reached traditional shops in the remote villages of the country.

 The price of POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE is quite high.

 Intense competition in the cosmetics industry from international brands


 POND’S is popular in customers which would bring trustworthiness if POND’S is to

launch another chain of its products.

 POND’S still has a large opportunity to market its products to areas and countries

throughout the world.

 Expansion of cosmetics industry into semi-urban and rural areas of the country

 Targeting audience from all age groups


 Affordable price of internationally well-known cosmetics.

 There is a growth in the number of people who put their trust more on skin-care doctors.

 There are people who misuse the packaging of POND’s to be exchanged with other

products with less quality.

 High price for the products can limit potential consumers

 Cosmetic Care still not a market in rural parts of the country

 Availability of cheaper products from other brands in the market


With these developments, there is no surprise in fact that there is an increase in share value of

Ponds in market. The story that started earlier than 167 years by introducing first-ever skin cream

has seen tremendous growth. It is exceptional in way that it has continued its well-marked niche

in the cosmetic line by adding new smiles every day.

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