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TitleCommon Practice Issues for Electrical 2011
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26th May [email protected]


P r o t e c t i o n R e l ay ke e p s t r i p p i n g o n
M o t o r S t a r t i n g

M a ny r e a s o n s c a n b e att r i b u t e d to t h i s
p h e n o m e n o n :


 Mechanical system issues

 Mismatch in protection device and motor starting surge.

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26th May [email protected]

COP83 - Supervision of work on LV 3-phase installations shall be under direct
responsibility of Wireman (3-phase restriction). The Wireman shall be
required to certify completion under Form G.
COP 84 – Testing for single phase installation shall be by Wireman (single-
phase or 3-phase restriction) under Form H.
COP 85 – Testing for 3-phase installation shall be by Wireman (3-phase
restriction) under Form H.
COP86 – Other installation at higher than low voltage shall be tested by a
Electrical Services Engineer under Form H.
COP87 – Electricity SHALL NOT BE CONNECTED until Forms G & H are
submitted by the owner or building operator.
COP88 – Insulation measurements shall be carried out on LV installation
using dc voltages. Where 500Vdc is applied, the insulation resistance shall be
more than 1MΩ.
COP91 – Every completed installation shall have as-built electrical diagrams
prominently displayed. Diagrams shall be endorsed by the professional
design electrical engineer.


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