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TitleCodecalc- 2013 Manual
TagsSoftware Pipe (Fluid Conveyance) Copyright License Shell (Computing)
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Table of Contents
                            What's New in PV Elite and CodeCalc
CodeCalc Overview
	What Distinguishes CodeCalc From our Competitors?
	What Analysis Types are Available?
	Technical Support
CodeCalc Workflows
	Starting CodeCalc
	Performing an Analysis
	Reviewing the Results - The Output Option
		Printing or Saving Reports to a File
	File Tab
	Home Tab
	Tools Tab
		Configuration Dialog Box
			Computation Control Tab (Configuration Dialog Box)
			Miscellaneous Tab (Configuration Dialog Box)
		Create/Edit Units File
			Create a new units file
			Edit an existing units file
			Units File Dialog Box
		Material Database Editor
			Create a new custom material
			Create a custom material based on an existing material
			Material Properties
	Diagnostics Tab
	ESL Tab
Shells and Heads
	Purpose, Scope and Technical Basis (Shells)
	API 579 Introduction
		Purpose, Scope, and Technical Basis
		Discussion of Results (Shells)
	Shells/Heads Tab
	Geometry Tab (Shell/Head)
		Bar Options
		Section Options
	Optional Data Tab
		Supplemental Loads
		Compute Remaining Life
	Jacket Tab
	API 579 (FFS) Tab
		Data Measurement Tab
		Point Measurement Data Dialog Box
		Enter CTPs Dialog Box
		Groove Options
		Enter Pitting Information Dialog Box
	Purpose, Scope, and Technical Basis (Nozzles)
	Nozzle Tab
	Geometry Tab
	Miscellaneous Tab
	Shell/Head Tab
		Actual Nozzle Diameter Thickness
		Required Thickness of Shell and Nozzle
		UG-45 Minimum Nozzle Neck Thickness
		Required and Available Areas
		Selection of Reinforcing Pad
		Large Diameter Nozzle Calculations
		Effective Material Diameter and Thickness Limits
		Minimum Design Metal Temperature
		Weld Size Calculations
		Weld Strength Calculations
		Failure Path Calculations
		Iterative Results Per Pressure, Area, And UG-45
Conical Sections
	Cone Design Tab (Conical Sections)
	Cone Geometry Tab
	Small Cylinder and Larger Cylinder Tabs
		Internal Pressure Results
		External Pressure Results
		Reinforcement Calculations Under Internal Pressure
		Reinforcement Calculations Under External Pressure
Floating Heads
	Head Tab
	Flange/Bolts Tab
	Gasket Tab
	Miscellaneous Tab
		Internal Pressure Results for the Head:
		External Pressure Results for Heads:
		Intermediate Calculations for Flanged Portion of Head
		Required Thickness Calculations
		Soehren's Calculations:
	Purpose, Scope, and Technical Basis (Flanges)
	Flange Data Tab
	Hub/Bolts Tab
	Gasket Data Tab
	Results (Flanges)
TEMA Tubesheets
	Purpose, Scope, and Technical Basis (TubeSheets)
	Shell Tab (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Channel Tab (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Tubes Tab (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Tubesheet Tab (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Expansion Joint Tab (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Tubesheet Extended as Flange Dialog (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Outer Cylinder Dialog Box
		Outer Cylinder on the Thick Expansion Joint
		Outer Cylindrical Element Corrosion Allowance
		Outer Cylindrical Element Length (Lo)
	Shell Band Properties Dialog Box
		Shell Thickness Adjacent to Tubesheet
		Shell Band Corrosion Allowance
		Length of Shell Thickness Adjacent to Tubesheet, front end L1
		Length of Shell Thickness Adjacent to Tubesheet, rear L1
	Multiple Load Cases Dialog Box (TEMA Tubesheets)
	Tubesheet Gasket Dialog Box
	Fixed Tubesheet Exchanger Dialog Box
	Kettle Tubesheet Dialog Box
	Results (Tubesheets)
ASME Tubesheets
	Purpose, Scope, and Technical Basis
	Shell Tab
	Channel Tab
	Tubes Tab
		Tube to Tubesheet Joint Input Dialog Box
	Tubesheet Tab
		Tubesheet Exchanger Dialog Box
		Multiple Load Cases Dialog Box
		Tubesheet Gasket/Bolting Input Dialog Box
	Expansion Joint Tab
	Tubesheet Extended As Flange Dialog Box
	Additional Input U-tube Tubesheets Dialog Box
	Results (ASME Tubesheets)
Horizontal Vessels
	Saddle Wear Plate Design
	Vessel Tab
	Shell/Head Tab
	Saddle/Wear Tab
	Saddle Webs and Base Plate Dialog Box
	Stiffening Ring Tab (Horizontal Vessels)
	Longitudinal Loads Tab (Horizontal Vessels)
	Seismic Loads Tab (Horizontal Vessels)
	Wind Loads Tab (Horizontal Vessels)
Rectangular Vessels (App. 13)
	Vessel Tab
		Figure A1 Dialog Box
		Figure A2 Dialog Box
		Figure B3-B Dialog Box
	Short Side Tab
	Long Side Tab
	Reinforcing Bar Options
	Reinforcing Section Options
		Ligament Efficiency Calculations
		Reinforcement Calculations
		Stress Calculations
		Allowable Calculations
		Highest Percentage of Allowable Calculations
		MAWP Calculations
		External Pressure Calculations
Legs and Lugs
	Legs and Lugs Tab
	Loads Tab
		Wind Loads
		Seismic Loads
	Lifting Lug Dialog Box
	Support Lug Dialog Box
	Vessel Leg Tab
		AISC Database Dialog Box
	Trunnion Tab
	Leg Results
	Baseplate Results
	Trunnion Results
Pipes and Pads
	Pipes and Pads Tab (Pipes and Pads)
WRC 107/537 FEA
	Design Tab
	Vessel Tab
	Loads Tab
		WRC 107/537 Load Conventions
		Global Load and Direction Conventions
	WRC 107 Options
		FEA Options
	Results (WRC 107/537/FEA)
		WRC 107 Stress Summations
			ASME Section VIII Division 2 - Elastic Analysis of Nozzle
		WRC 107 Stress Calculations
		Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Base Rings
	Base Ring (1) Tab (Base Rings)
	Base Ring (2) Tab (Base Rings)
	Miscellaneous Tab (Base Rings)
	Results (Base Rings)
Thin Joints
	Expansion Joint Tab (Thin Joints)
	Bellows Tab (Thin Joints)
Thick Joints
	Expansion Joint Tab (Thick Joints)
	Shell Tab (Thick Joints)
	Miscellaneous Tab (Thick Joints)
	Results (Thick Joints)
Half Pipes
	Shell Tab (Half Pipes)
	Jacket Tab (Half Pipes)
	Discussion of Results
Large Openings
	Opening Tab (Large Openings)
	Shell/Nozzle Tab (Large Openings)
WRC 297/Annex G
	WRC 297 Tab
	Vessel Tab
	Nozzle / Attachment Tab
	Loads Tab
Appendix Y Flanges
	Flange Tab
	Hubs/Bolts Tab
	Gasket Tab
Material Dialog Boxes
	Material Database Dialog Box
	Material Properties Dialog Box
	Example Problems
		Complete Vessel Examples
	Bibliography of Pressure Vessel Texts and Standards
	CodeCalc Version 4.5 Features (7/90)
	CodeCalc Version 5.0 Features (6/91)
	CodeCalc Version 5.1 Features (7/92)
	CodeCalc Version 5.2 Features (7/93)
	CodeCalc Version 5.4 Features (6/95)
	CodeCalc Version 5.3 Features (7/94)
	CodeCalc Version 5.5 Features (6/96)
	CodeCalc Version 5.6 Features (6/97)
	CodeCalc Version 6.0 Features (6/98)
	CodeCalc Version 6.1 Features (1/99)
	CodeCalc Version 6.2 Features (1/2000)
	CodeCalc Version 6.3 Features (1/2001)
	CodeCalc Version 6.4 Features (1/2002)
	CodeCalc Version 6.5 Features (1/2003)
	CodeCalc Version 2004 Features (1/2004)
	CodeCalc Version 2005 Features (1/2005)
	CodeCalc Version 2006 Features (1/2006)

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