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TitleCleaning Windows Vista for Dummies (ISBN - 0471782939)
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Table of Contents
                            Author’s Acknowledgments
Contents at a Glance
Table of Contents
	How to Read This Book
	Assumptions About You
	How This Book Is Organized
	Customs and Practices
	Icons Used in This Book
	Where to Go From Here
Chapter 1: First Things First: Why You Should Clean
	Telltale Signs of an Unclean Computer
	Cleaning Up: The Pros and Cons
	Keeping Your House Tidy
Chapter 2: Determining What to Clean and When
	How to Eat an Elephant
	Precautions for Safety’s Sake
	Finding the Right Tools
	Creating a Cleaning Schedule
	Time for an Overhaul?
	Is New Hardware the Answer?
Chapter 3: Identifying What You Have
	Creating a Program Inventory
	Finding Out What Programs Are Installed
	Discovering What Programs Run When
	Figuring Out What’s Running Right Now
	Making a Game Plan
Chapter 4: Making Your Programs Run Faster
	Common Sense for Programs
	Speeding Up Access to Large Data Files
	Are We Compatible?
	Playing Games
	Pushing the Envelope: Multimedia Editing Programs
Chapter 5: Getting Rid of Old Programs
	Identifying Candidates for Removal
	Four Ways to Remove Unwanted Programs
	Eliminating Remnants of Failed Programs
Chapter 6: Data, Data Everywhere
	Finding Temporary Files
	Tracking Down Orphan Data
	Doing a Disk Cleanup
	Finding and Eliminating Duplicate Data
	What to Do with Multimedia Files
	Empty the Recycle Bin Often
Chapter 7: Organizing and Archiving Data
	Organizing Your Data
	Clearing Out Your Root Directory
	What About the Default Folders?
	Archiving and Backing Up Data
Chapter 8: Tackling E-Mail Overload
	Using Different Accounts to Manage and Reduce E-Mail
	Psychology 101: Don’t Answer That, E-Mail
	Why You Get Spam
	Tactics for Limiting Spam
	Implementing Spam Filters
	Combating Spam with a Challenge/Response System
Chapter 9: Organizing Your E-Mail
	Using Folders Effectively
	Smart Move: Using Mail Rules
	Deleting E-Mail Regularly
	Watching Out for Attachments
	Archiving Valuable E-Mail
Chapter 10: Banishing Internet Villains
	Uh-Oh! Do I Have a Virus?
	Sizing Up Spyware
	Blocking Pop-ups
	Resisting the Lure of Trinkets
Chapter 11: Managing Internet Information
	Are Cookies a Reason for Worry?
	Negotiating Newsgroups
	Organizing Web Favorites
	Taming Web Cache Files
Chapter 12: Cleaning Up the User Interface
	Master of the Desktop
	Ordering the Menu System
	Effectively Using the Taskbar
	Cleaning Up the Control Panel
Chapter 13: Streamlining Windows
	Installing Just What You Need
	Setting Performance Options
	Using the Microsoft System Configuration Utility
	Working with the Latest Drivers
	Going on a . DLL Diet
	Shut Down Unused Services
	Putting System Protection to Work
Chapter 14: Speeding Up the File System
	Which File System to Use?
	Changing File Systems
	Defragmenting Your Drive
	Checking for Errors
	To Compress or Not?
Chapter 15: Managing Windows Updates
	Getting Updates the Way You Want
	Which Updates Do You Really Need?
Chapter 16: Getting a New System
	When Is a New System Justified?
	What Should You Get?
	Preparing for the New System
	Reinstalling Programs
	Transferring Data
Chapter 17: Memory and Storage
	How Windows Uses Memory
	Determining Whether You Need More Memory
	Will Another Hard Drive Help?
	Choosing Between Internal or External Hard Drives
	Alternative Storage Solutions
Chapter 18: Becoming Security Conscious
	Battening Down the Hatches
	Staying Secure on the Internet
	Adding Firewalls
Chapter 19: Cleaning House in a Networked Environment
	Getting Rid of Old User Accounts
	Moving Frequently Accessed Data
	Removing Shared Printers
	Removing Shared Folders
	Cutting Your System Off the Network
Chapter 20: Jumping Into the Registry
	Groking the Registry Behemoth
	Editing the Registry
	Using Registry Cleaning Software
	Restoring the Registry
Chapter 21: Wiping the Slate Clean
	Doing a Windows Reinstall
	Using an OEM System Restore Disc
	Wiping Out Your System
Chapter 22: Ten Troubleshooting Ideas
	Check Your Startup Files
	Install Windows Updates
	Run a Spyware Removal Program
	Remove Unused Programs
	See What Processes Are Running
	Run the Disk Cleanup Utility
	Defragment Your Disk Drives
	Check File Sizes
	Check the Size of Your Registry
	Start Your System in Safe Mode
Chapter 23: Ten Online Resources to Help You Clean
	Gibson Research Corporation
	Symantec Security Response
	Experts Exchange
	Spam Arrest
	Urban Legends Reference Pages
	Vista Software Archive
Chapter 24: Ten Cool Things in Vista
	Windows Firewall
	Sidebar and Gadgets
	Greater System Protection
	Parental Controls
	Performance Information
	Network Administration
	Virtual Folders
	Snipping Tool
	Tabbed Browsing
	Phishing Filter
Document Text Contents
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Windows Vista™



by Allen Wyatt

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Internet Explorer provides a way to delete all the cookies on your system, all
at once. Before you rush to delete them, however, remember that cookies can
serve a good purpose — they make using some Web sites fast and easy. If a
cookie contains a site’s username and password, deleting the cookie means
you need to re-enter that information the next time you visit the site.

To delete all your cookies, follow these steps:

1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools➪Internet Options.

IE displays the Internet Options dialog box.

2. On the General tab, click Delete in the Browsing History portion of
the tab.

IE displays the Delete Browsing History dialog box, shown in Figure 11-2.

Figure 11-2:

ready to
toss your

161Chapter 11: Managing Internet Information

Saving your cookies
Cookies are nothing but files stored on your
system. After you know where the goods are
stored, you can display the folder they’re in and
back up the files, as desired.

If you plan on deleting all of your cookies, it’s a
good idea to back them up first. Simply open the
folder in which your temporary Internet files are
located; the cookies are clearly marked. You
can then copy them to another directory or to

removable media — a floppy or Zip disk —
before deleting. If you back them up, you can
restore one of the cookies if you find that you
have unanticipated problems at one of your oft-
visited Web sites.

If you need help figuring out where the tempo-
rary Internet files are stored, see the section
“Finding the cache,” in this chapter.

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Page 182

3. Click Delete Cookies.

A dialog box asks if you really want to delete all your cookies. (Never
can be too careful, you know.)

4. Click OK.

The cookies are permanently deleted.

Negotiating Newsgroups
I’ve never caught the newsgroup bug, but I know people who swear by them.
Through a system of bulletin board messages and replies, newsgroups enable
people to discuss, pontificate, argue, harangue, and otherwise kvetch about
anything and everything you can think of (although each newsgroup is gener-
ally restricted to one topic of interest). Newsgroups have been around longer
than the Web and will be here long into the future.

Thousands of newsgroups are accessible. Most dedicated newsgroupies use
special newsreader programs that allow users to access the newsgroups, sub-
scribe to them, and download headlines, articles, and files. Following are just
three such programs:

� Agent at

� Digibin at

� NewsBin Pro at

Everything downloaded by your newsreader, however, can clutter your
system quite amazingly. I know people who have saved their newsgroup con-
versations from 1998. Think about that — people are using precious hard
drive space to store conversations that occurred the better part of a decade
ago. These same people have all the conversations since then, as well.

The bottom line is that newsreader files can quickly fill up megabytes of stor-
age on your system. If you aren’t discerning in what you save, you eventually
run out of space. When jumping into the wild world of newsgroups, remem-
ber a few things:

� Minimize the newsgroups you subscribe to. You can’t subscribe to
everything; there aren’t enough hours in a day. Be selective about the
groups you follow, and you’ll automatically reduce the clutter they pro-
duce. (You probably need to get a real life, anyway.)

� Archive important conversations. If you’re impressed with the words of
wisdom imparted by others (or amazed at your own eloquence), archive

162 Part III: E-Mail and the Internet

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Page 361

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