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Studio 1.0

User’s Guide

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Order No.: 562194

Edition: 08/2008

Author: U. Karras

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5. Simulation

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The wireframe representation shows the structure of such a single-

object hose. This object type needs some more properties:

If a cable track is needed, another property must be set. Additionally to

the properties of type 1 the property CableDuct with the value TRUE

must be present.

The property RatioSE does not have an effect in this mode. The

movement direction of the track is the z-axis of the start gripper point.

The height of the cable track results automatically form the position of

the end gripper point, because the start and end line are parallel and

are leading through the start and end gripper.

Type 3

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5. Simulation

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Cable track with its start gripper point. Its Z axis is the movement


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8. Appendix

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The following shortcuts depend on the type of the activated window.

These shortcuts are available in case of an activated work cell window:

Key Shortcut

CTRL+L Opens the dialog box for setting the point of view to

the work cell.

“+”-KEY Activates the command zoom-in. It magnifies the view

of the work cell.

“-“-KEY Activates the command zoom-out. It reduces the view

of the work cell.

O Activates the command default settings.

V Activates the command front view.

U Activates the command rear view.

A Activates the command top view.

L Activates the command left side view.

R Activates the command right side view.

F Activates the command full format.

F11 Switches to wireframe representation.

SHIFT+F11 Switches to filled surfaces representation.

CTRL+F11 Switches to flat shaded representation.

SHIFT+CTRL+F11 Switches to smooth shaded representation.

CTRL+D Opens the rendering dialog box to set the quality and

speed of the work cell representation.

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8. Appendix

154 © Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG • 562194

These shortcuts are available in case of an activated program window:

Key Shortcut

CTRL+PAGE UP Resets the program to the beginning.

CTRL+Q Continues or starts the current robot program.

CTRL+Y Continues or starts the current robot program in cyclic


CTRL+S Stops a running program.

Abbreviation Description

CIROS® Computer Integrated Robot Simulation

NLP Native Language Programming

TCP Tool Center Point



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