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rise up and drift away
like vacant echoes.

Imagery and

We rest in the houses

as warm tropical

storms light up the

bruised sky.

Chapter 12 - Painted Dreaming

● “All of us did.” – 127
● “I had to get out of the city, get out of boxes they put you in.” – 129
● “You one of us now” – 131
● “I’m leaving… I’m goin to find family” – 131
● “Nobodies don’t need no one either!” – 132
● “One step forward, two steps back” - 127
● “Outside the turf lapped at my feet” - 130
● “A no-good streetie criminal

Relating Chapter to The “Discovery” Rubric.

May’s discoveries during chapter 12 relate closely to her personal relationships, and follows her
path to discovering that she would like to leave, to find family, and more importantly somewhere
safe. May discovers how others view her (As not much more than a common criminal) and sets
her in motion for wanting to better herself (Through seeking to know more about her heritage
and family).

How does Tara June Winch explore the concept of Discovery in chapter 12 (Painted


Statement Technique Example Effect Link

Tara June Winch uses
May’s expressions to
describe the


forward, two
steps back.

This technique explores May’s
hopelessness, and dictates to
the audience that she is not

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