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Chapter 1: The Canine State of Mind
Chapter 2: Cesar’s Natural Dog Laws
Chapter 3: Nine Simple Principles for a Balanced Dog
Chapter 4: Practical Techniques for Every Pack Leader
Chapter 5: Ain’t Misbehavin’
Chapter 6: Choosing the Right Dog for You
Chapter 7: Life Changes, Your Dog, and You
Chapter 8: The Fulfillment Formula
Chapter 9: Enrich Your Dog, Enrich Your Life
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have dealt with many aggressive dogs, and Teddy, a nine-year-old
yellow Lab mix, was a typical case. His caregivers, Steve and Lisa
Garelick, adopted Teddy as a puppy. He naturally had high energy and
was aggressive, but because the Garelicks did not provide strong pack
leadership from the beginning, Teddy’s aggression continued unchecked,
directed toward people and other animals.
They tolerated his aggression for nine years. However, with the birth
of their daughter, Sara (who was two and a half at the time I visited),
they became increasingly concerned. The last thing they wanted was for
Teddy to bite Sara. Interestingly enough, though, Sara was the one
person toward whom Teddy showed no aggression. This was because the
Garelicks did the right thing before she was born: They prepared Teddy
for a new arrival in the house, and then made it clear to the dog that this
new human had a higher status. They managed to make their daughter
Teddy’s Pack Leader without knowing it, and yet could not do the same
thing for themselves.
The Garelicks did what many people do when their dog shows
aggression—they avoided situations that could cause aggression, instead
of dealing with the problem. They were afraid that they would not be
able to control their dog in those situations. When I showed them that I
could control Teddy’s aggression by redirecting him out of that state as it
was happening, they realized that it was possible. Once I showed them
they could do it themselves, their nervousness and anxiety lessened,
their confidence increased, and they were on their way to being
successful Pack Leaders.


In the animal world, there are two natural reactions to a threatening

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Searchable nationwide database of veterinarians

Spay USA
Nationwide network of spay and neuter resources

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Humane Society of the United States

Last Chance for Animals

Travel information on petfriendly destinations

Dog Vacay
Find low-cost in-home boarding and dog professionals in your area

K9 Nose Work
Introduction to the dog sport of tracking and scenting

North American Flyball Association
Information about flyball training and tournaments

United States Dog Agility Association
Information about dog agility competitions and classes

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