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                            How to Find the IMEI Number on a Mobile Phone
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Want to know where is your mobile come from and their build quality?

Here is a short reference. You MAY or MAY NOT trust this information below.

Check your phone IMEI:
e.g: 345678200345678

If the 7th and 8th number is 20

then it is come from China = Bad quality

02 or 20 : From China = Bad quality
08 or 80 : From Germany = Quality not bad

01 or 10 : From Finland = Good quality
00 or 03 or 04 : Origin from the cell phone company = Extremely good quality

13 : From Azerbaijan = Extremely poor quality

Nokia Codes Tips and Tricks

To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type-

Information you get from the IMEI-


• TAC = Type approval code
• FAC = Final assembly code

• SNR = Serial number
• SP = Spare

To check the phones Software revision type-

Information you get from the Software revision-
V 05.31


• 1ST Line = Software revision
• 2ND Line = The date of the software release

• 3RD Line = Phone type
To enter the service menu type-
*#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#)

• Serial number (IMEI)
• Production date (MM/YY)

• Purchase date (MM/YY) You can only enter the date once.
• Date of last repair (0000=No repair)

• Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-Red
Clock Stopping

To check weather your SIM Card supports clock stopping type-
*#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#)

Revealing the Headphone and Car-Kit menus

Please note that if you do these next tricks, the new menus can't be erased without retoring the
factory default settings. To do these tricks you need to short-circuit the pins on the bottom of the

phone next to where you plug in you charger.

1. To activate the "Headset" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "3" and "4". After a short time the
word "Headset" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-6 is now enabled.

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2. To activate the "Car" menu, you need to short-circuit pins "4" and "5". After a short time the word
"Car" will be shown in the display. Menu 3-7 is now enabled.


This should work on all software versions of the 6110.
1. Go to the Calendar (Menu-8)

2. Make a note or reminder.
3. Enter some text into the edit box.

4. Hold "Clear" until the whole text is cleared, then press "Back".
5. Press "0". The main screen will now be showing but a space appears on the screen. (you can't see

6. Enter 4 digits (e.g. 1234).

7. Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the left side of the numbers and the space (Down arrow

8. Now enter 6 digits and press the call button.

Wait for a few seconds, the screen should start to flash and reboots. It should alsowork on other
menus like the "Profiles" menu.


To activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Enter the code-

This improves call quality but decreases batterylife by about 5%
To deactivate it, Enter the code-


If you short-circuit theleft middle and right pins on the bottom of the phone with all connections

touching each other, the Nokia software hangs! The profile "Headset" will be activated. Before you do
this just activate the "Automatic Answer" in the headset profile and set the ringing volume to "Mute".
Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Just place it
under a table in a room and call it. The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to

what people are saying.

There is a hidden menu inside your Nokia phone. If you want to activate it, you'll have to re-program

some chips inside of your phone.
1. Check your software version. You can only continue if you have v4.33, v4.73 or v5.24.

2. Take apart the phone.
3. De-solder the EEPROM (ATMEL AT 24C64).

4. Read out the data with an EEPROM programmer and save it to a file (Backup).
5. If you have v.33 or v4.73, change the address "03B8" from "00" to "FF".

6. If you have v5.24 then change the address "0378" from "00" to "FF".
7. Write the new data to the EEPROM and solder it back to the phone,
8. Power on your phone and you should have "Netmonitor" enabled.

The Network Monitor gives you the following information.

• Carrier number
• MS RX Level in DBM

• Received signal quality
• MS TX power level

• C1 (Path loss criterion, used for cell selection and reselection). The range is -99 to 99.
• RTL (Radio link timeout).

• Timeslot
• Indication of the transmitter status

• Information on the Network parameters.
• TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity).

• Cell identification (Cell ID, Number of cells being used).

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• MCC (Mobile country code)
• MCN (Mobile network code)

• LAC (Location area code)
• Ciphering (On/Off)
• Hopping (On/Off)

• DTX (On/Off)
• Discard cell barred information


Note - If you bought your Nokia on UK Vodafone or UK Cellnet you do not need to check this
because they both transmit on GSM900, and they don't lock the phones. However if you bought your

phone on UK Orange or UK One2one your phone may be blocked. The reason is that they both
transmitt on GSM1800. To make a call on GSM1800 you need what is known as a "Dual band"
phone. A dual band phone is able to transmit on both GSM900 and GSM1800, so they lock the

phones so you can't use it with any other network simcard. If you find that your phone is locked you
can try different software to unlock it. (we havn't found one that works yet), or you can ask your

service provider who will gladly exchange the 10 digit code for about £35.
This is how to check the status of the 4 different locks. Aslo don't try entering the wrong number,

because after 3 times it will block the phone for good.

There are 4 different locks on your Nokia phone.

The code to read out the sim-lock status of your phone is



• MASTERCODE = 1234567890
• Y = NUMBER 1 TO 4

The master code is a secret code. The code has 10 digits, To read out the sim-lock status you can
enter every combination you want!

"Y" Shows the status of the network-lock. Here you can enter a number from "1" to "4". The "4" is for
the sim-card lock.


• #PW+1234567890+4# = GIVES SIM-CARD-LOCK STATUS.

How to Find the IMEI Number on a Mobile Phone

Having your cell phone or tablet stolen is not just a bad day at the zoo, it potentially compromises your safety
and security. Thanks to the FCC (back in the age of the dinosaurs, the early '80s), ESNs were created to give a
unique identifiers to mobile devices. Since then, usage of mobile devices has exploded, and the ESN of yore
became the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and the MEID (Mobile Equipment ID—a superset
of IMEI) of today.
If a phone, iPad, or other mobile device is stolen, carriers in some countries can blacklist the IMEI or MEID so
that the thief cannot use the phone in any capacity (regardless of whether or not the SIM card has been
replaced). This is a number you should keep on file, in a secure place, should the need ever arise. We'll show
you a few tips on how to do this.

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Click on your phone number. When you click on your phone number in iTunes, it will toggle between your number and your MEID.

Use the dial method. From the phone keypad, enter *#06#, and your IMEI will be displayed.
Look under the battery. Like all phones with an accessible battery, the IMEI is located on a label underneath.
Look in settings. From the home screen, press Menu, then Settings, then About phone, and then Status. Your IMEI (or IMSI) will be
located on the resulting screen.

Motorola iDen Units

Turn on your phone. Power up your phone and go to the dialing screen. Press the following key sequence in rapid succession: # *
[menu] [right arrow]. Try not to pause or linger.
Locate your IMEI. On units with SIM cards, scroll down until you see IMEI/SIM ID and select Enter. From here you can view your
IMEI, SIM, and on some units, your MSN. The first fourteen digits are displayed; the fifteenth is always a 0.
On older units without SIM cards:
Continue to hit the [right arrow] key until you see IMEI [0] on the display. The first seven digits are displayed.
Hit the menu key and then the "soft key" under "next" to display the next seven digits. The fifteenth and final digit is most often a 0.

Lost or Stolen Phone

Locate the original packaging for your mobile device. Don’t worry about the booklet; look for the box.
Locate the barcoded label stuck to your box. It might have been placed over the opening to act as a seal.
Look for the IMEI. It should be clearly labeled and is usually listed together with the barcode and serial number.


Write your IMEI down before your phone gets lost or stolen.
Not all phones have an IMEI number. Currently, it’s on all GSM and UMTS mobile phones commonly found in Europe, Asia, Africa,
Australia, and increasingly in America. AT&T & T-Mobile are the major US carriers using GSM with IMEI numbers, but there are
growing numbers of regional carriers who are switching to GSM like Centennial Wireless, Highland Cellular, Dobson Cellular to
name a few. Verizon and Sprint phones will generally not have IMEI numbers but rather MEID numbers—unless they have a dual
mode module for overseas use. Most pre-paid and non-contract phones in America don’t have IMEIs; the same applies to disposable
phones throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.
If your mobile phone is stolen, you can call or go to the nearest service center of your mobile network and give that IMEI
number to staff to block your phone.
If you are South African, you are required by law to report the theft to your service provider and to the police (either SAPS or your
local Metro Police). It will be blacklisted across ALL networks so that it can't be used for criminal activities. If it is recovered, it is
possible to de-blacklist it provided that you have proof of ownership.

Blocking a stolen or lost phone via the IMEI will cut off all communication between your phone and your carrier, making it
impossible for the phone to be recovered via tracking. Only do this as a last resort if your phone contains sensitive information.
Some thieves replace the IMEI numbers of phones they steal with the IMEIs of other devices. If you purchased a phone from someone
or someplace you don’t quite trust, try to research whether or not your supposed IMEI actually goes with that model of phone.
Analysis of IMEI numbersAll mobile phones are assigned a unique 15 digit IMEI code upon production. Below you can
check all known information regarding manufacturer, model type, and country of approval of a handset.Tip! The IMEI
can be displayed on most mobile handsets by dialling *#06#. Otherwise check the compliance plate under the
battery.Enter IMEI number below

Example: 350077-52-323751-3

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