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I. Title: Hotel Continental

II. Summary of the Case:

Mr. Oscar Mendoza has a travel agency and he was thinking of operating a hotel, and luckily
Hotel Continental was at lease. He’s thinking of getting the hotel in order to accommodate all of his
guests needless to say he won’t just decide, he’ll have to consider a lot of things like the location, the
management, the people and mosts of all the risks. So by the end of this paper we would have seen the
pros and cons, other alternative solutions, and the final decision.

Mr. Mendoza considered utilizing Hotel Continental that is currently for lease because of its
huge financial losses in the past two years due to the lack of management skills. Hotel Continental is
located in Diliman, Quezon City along Don Mariano Marcos Avenue. One of the great things about
Hotel Continental are their facilities, they have everything they need to accommodate the tourist groups
especially during the peak travel months of December, January, July and August. The hotel has 27-
rooms three function rooms that can seat twelve to forty persons, a coffee shop, a fast food cafeteria, a
formal dining room and a swimming pool.

This was already the time wherein Cory Aquino reigned as president so the Philippines were
still recovering from the martial law which Marcos ruled. Without the martial law, tourist can now
confidently tour around the Philippines which will give the hoteliers and restaurateurs a radical growth
in their business.

III.Central Problem: Mr . Mendoza owner of Triumph Tours is experiencing

difficulty in finding hotel accommodation for his clients especially during the

peak travel months. Should Mr. Mendoza bid for Hotel Continental to address

the issue regarding the hotel accommodation of his clients, ultimately

increasing profit?

IV. Minor Problems:

• They have little to no experience managing hotels.

• Facilities are underutilized.

• Filling up the remaining 60% annual capacity utilization.

V. Objectives:

• To analyze the current data available and to establish a solid argument in determining

weather or not leasing Hotel Continental is sustainable and profitable for Mr. Mendoza as a

compliment for his traveling agency.

VI. SWOT Analysis

i. Strength

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