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TitleCA705 - Basics of Report Painter - Report Writer
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Table of Contents
	Icons in Body Text
	Introduction to Report Painter/Report Writer
			Overview of Reporting Tools and Applications in SAP System
			Uses of Report Painter
			Report Writer Components
				Exercise 1: Report Components
	Creating Reports Using Report Painter
			Structure of Report Painter Reports
			Defining Rows and Columns
			Restricting Data in Reports
				Exercise 2: Components of a Report Painter Report
			Using Report Groups
			Sorting Hierarchies
			Using Variables in Reports
			Defining Text
				Exercise 3: Building and Executing a Report With a Total Row
				Exercise 4: Using Hierarchies: Explode function
				Exercise 5: Using Hierarchies: Sequence (Sort)
	Row and Column Models
			Defining Reports Using Row and Column Models
				Exercise 6: Building Row and Column Models
	Section and Horizontal Pages
			Overview of Sections
			Calculating Formula Rows, Columns, and Key Figures
				Exercise 7: Working with Horizontal Pages
				Exercise 8: Working with Independent Sections
				Exercise 9: Using Cells in Column Formulas
				Exercise 10: Working with Dependent Sections and Cells
	Formatting Reports
			Formatting Sections
			Using Standard Layouts
			Using Format Groups
			Section Layouts and Attributes
				Exercise 11: Section Layout and Attributes
				Exercise 12: Format Groups and Other Formatting Issues
	Variations and Extracts
			Using Variations
			Creating Extracts
			Using Background Jobs
				Exercise 13: Variation
				Exercise 14: Extracts
				Exercise 15: Background Jobs
	Reports in a Live System
			Online Settings and Connections
			Using the Report/Report Interface
			Assigning User and Report Groups to a Role
			Transporting Report Objects
				Exercise 16: Report/Report Interface
				Exercise 17: Send Reports as Mail
	Working with Sets
			Basic Sets
			Single-Dimension Sets
				Exercise 18: Single-Dimension Sets
	Variables used in the report definition can be embedded in repor

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