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playing card and we don’t want that. I recommend you try with several
cards until you are satisfied and in addition that you use a candle, my

trials and experience have shown me that is the best source of fire to

perform this task. What we are looking for is a slightly bend letter with
a uniform burn on the back, unmarked face and without bubbles.

Once you have the card, you are ready to begin. Place the card in
force position and proceeds to shuffle and do the Hindu force. Turn up
the stack that has the, so the face is visible, and place it on the table to

be signed. It is important to fully control the situation. We do not want
that any viewer take the card and watch his back. You have to make
believe that it is a completely normal car, so act naturally.

After it is signed, take the card face up and place it on the center of the

deck and put it in the box. When handling the deck with the burned
card inside, take it tightly and press it, so the separation produced by

the curvature of the burn card will not be created. We need to make
believe that everything is normal, remember?

At this point the effect is ready. You simply have to create suspense
and prepare the revelation. Tell an appropriate story and place the
flash paper figure on the box. Burn it and it will disappear in a very
visual flare. Remove the cards from the case, this time taking them
lightly. Now we want that the burn card create a small gap in the deck.
We want to show that something changed. Go to that card and
surprise your audience: the burn card is signed one.

If you don’t want to damage the box or cards when you burn the paper

figure, use a foil container (such as the one that some candles have) or

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ashtray. But the effect is more spectacular when these items are not
present. I recommend you to use an old box for this situation.


There is a variant in which the card can be examined, but not signed.
You have to choose which one accommodates you more. In this case,
you use a duplicate of the burned card, but this is intact.

You will proceed by placing the burned card on top, with about four or

five cards over it to hide the card. Put the duplicate in forcing position
Make the Hindu force of the card and you’ can give it to be examined
(Remember that this can’t be signed). Complete the deck while the
spectator examines the card. Ask the viewer to deposit the card on top
the deck. Proceed to make a cut and complete. This way the forced
card will be roughly in the center of the deck and the burned one, four

or five cards underneath. They are in similar positions.

After this, the effect proceeds normally. When searching for the card,
go straight to the burned one and show that is the same card they

chose. The strength of this version is that the spectators saw that the
playing card was normal and now appears burned. I assure you that
the impact will make they forget any possible suspicion that there is a

duplicate card.

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