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Angel smiled wanly. “What about the ghost? That Slayer?”

“Lucy? I have a feeling we’ll see her again.”

She glanced at him. “Is Dr. Coleman going to be okay?”

“She had a mild heart attack when Veronique’s bunch jumped her the other
night. Unfortunately, she had another, much more severe, last night. I’m pretty
sure she’s going to die soon. So is she.”

Buffy stared at the squares of linoleum, wheat-colored and very bland, very

“We all are, compared to you.” Her voice was harsh. “We’re like the small
towns of life expectancy. Blink, and poof! You’ve just driven past our entire

“A lifetime is a lifetime, no matter how long it is,” he ventured.

“Please. Politically correct vampires I can do without.”

He stopped and touched her shoulders. “Buffy, if you did die, I would die.”

She raised her chin. “No. You wouldn’t.” When he opened his mouth, she raised
a hand to stop him from speaking. “You would grieve. I’ll give you that.” She
sighed and gazed at him levelly. “Maybe you’d even put roses on my grave for
the first, oh, fifty years or so.”

Angel looked down.

she thought desperately.

Instead, Angel took her hand in his.

Together, they walked down the hospital corridor.


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