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1. The word cell was first used by

(a) Matthias Schleiden (b) Robert Hooke

(c) Theodar Schwann (d) E.Hl. Haeckal

2. "Germ theory of disease" was postulated by

(a) Louis Pasteur (b) Antony van Leenwenhoek

(c) Robert Koch (d) Edward Jenner

3. ___________ refers to the shortest period of time to kill a suspension of
bacteria (or spore) at a prescribed temperature and under specific conditions:

(a) Thermal death time (b) Decimal reduction time

(d) Moist heat (e) Steam under pressure

4. Penicillin was discovered by

(a) Rene Dubos (b) Alexander Fleming

(c) Selman Waksman (d) W. Florey

5. The kind of movement that occurs in bacteria in which the flagella are present
all over the bacterial surface or at one end are known as ___________

(a) Spirochaetal movement (b) Gliding movement

(c) Flagellar movement (d) Pleomorphism

6. Exfoliate toxin is produced by

(a) Staphylococcus aureus (b) Chostridium tetani

(c) Bacillus anthracis (d) Ercherichia coli

7. When the male and female gametangia originate from the same vegetative
body, the fungi is referred to as ___________

(a) Autogamous (b) Heterothallic

(c) Pseudosepta (d) Homothallic

8. Among the following who is considered as father of microscope?

(a) Louis Pasteur (b) Antony Van Leenweboek

(c) Robert Koch (d) Theordore Schwann

9. Teichoid acid is present in the cell wall of __________

(a) Gram +ve bacteria (b) Gram –ve bacteria

(c) Blue green algae (d) All

10. The compound which gives heat resistant to endospore forming bacteria:

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(Elective course)

1. _________ cells produce Antibodies

(B-cells, T-cells, Lymphocytes, None of the above).

2. Clostridium is a strict ________ bacteria.

(aerobic, anaerobic, facultative, none)

3. Vibrio causes _______

(cholera, typhoid, diphtheria, rabies)

4. Hepatitis causes _______ damage.

5. AIDS virus contain _______ as the genetic material


6. Rhabdo viruses are ________ shaped

(linear, bullet, supracoiled, round)

7. WIDAL test is used for diagnosis of ___________

(typhoid, cholera, rabies, HIV)

8. Negri bodies is indication of ________.

9. β-propiolactone is used as a _____.

10. Papilonia virus is a _______ virus.

11. Herpes virus is a _______ virus (DNA, RNA, ssRNA, dsRNA)

12. Expand HTLB

13. HSV2 causes _________.

14. V-Src is a _________.

15. GP-120 protein is found in _________.

16. Confirmatory test for HIV is ________.

(EUSA, Western blot, Karpa's test, Northean blot)

17. Thymus is located behind ________

(sternum, larynx, medulla, spleen)

18. Largest lymphoid organ is __________

(olymphanode, spleen, thymus, bone marrow)

19. Expand MHC.

20. Expand CMI.

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