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TitleBow River Basin Waterscape Poster
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Getting Started
	Bow River Basin Waterscape Introduction
	Using Bow River Basin Waterscape in the Classroom
	Curriculum Connections and Opportunities for Interdisiplinaria Using Waterscape Activities
	The  Grass Won't Always be Greener – Grade 8 Inquiry Investigation
	The Mystery of Dirty Bow H20 – Grade 9 Inquiry Investigation
	Getting to Know the Bow
	Bow River Basin Panel Activities
	Haute Contour
		Haute Contour Part A – Package Insert
		Haute Contour Part B – Package Insert
	Watershed  Sculpture
	The Water Cycle in Bow River Basin Panel Activities
	Water Cycle: Model in a Bottle
	The Hidden Sea Panel Activities
	Go With the Flow
	Please Don't Pass the Salt
	Climate Change: What is the Future For Our Water? Panel Activities
	Where Have All the Flow-ers Gone?
	Watershed Down
	Sharing Our Waters Panel Activities
	Tasty Waste
	What Goes In Must Come Out
	Urban Water Panel Activities
	Take a Bow, Calgary
	Water Use Challenge
	Irrigation: Watering the Prairies For Food Panel Activities
	Irritating Irrigating
	Keeping the River Clean Panel Activities
	Flames Flushers
	All Bogged Down!

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