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Boston is a city o en referred to as ‘the city of

neighborhoods due to its 23 dis nct and diverse

neighborhoods located within Boston‐Proper. That;

however, does not take into account the adjacent

towns and municipali es that are home to Boston’s

7.6 Million commuters. This guide’s purpose is to give

you a brief overview of each area.

East Boston (approx. 45‐65 minutes)

Widely known as a strong, family‐oriented neighbor‐

hood, it shares a peninsula with Logan Airport. The

popula on has decreased over me with the expan‐

sion of transporta on facili es, but there is s ll a

strong civic pride in this urban community.

Hyde Park (approx. 40‐55 minutes)

This residen al community of 33,000 lies eight miles

from downtown Boston. The neighborhood enjoys a

quiet, suburban se ng, is home to a na onal wildlife

preserve, and provides its residents with the best of

urban and suburban living.

Malden (approx. 50‐80 minutes)

This ethnically diverse community is located north‐

east of Boston. Formerly a tex le manufacturing cen‐

ter, it is now primarily a residen al community.

Ma apan (approx. 60‐80 minutes)

This neighborhood has historically been home to

surges of immigrants. Currently, a strong economic

revitaliza on is occurring in both the residen al and

business areas of this family‐oriented community.

Roslindale (approx. 35‐45 minutes)

This residen al neighborhood provides its residents

with suburban comforts as well as urban access.

Strong civic and crime watch organiza ons make it a

source of pride for those families who call it home.

Roxbury (approx. 25‐30 minutes)

This neighborhood is the geographical center of the

city of Boston, and is filled with historical landmarks

and points of interest. Residents have a strong civic

pride in this community, which is currently undergo‐

ing economic development.

South Boston (approx. 30‐45 minutes)

Called "Southie" by its residents, this neighborhood is

steeped in rich heritage. Located on a Boston Harbor

peninsula, Southie a racts a diversity of people

drawn to the beaches, hills, and water views.

West Roxbury (approx. 40‐50 minutes)

This neighborhood is the city's southwesternmost

community. It is filled with beau ful Victorian homes

and its residents take pride in a variety of civic ac vi‐


Cambridge (approx. 35‐50 minutes)

This community is home to Harvard University and

the Massachuse s Ins tute of Technology. The busy

Harvard Square area is the center of ac vity in Cam‐

bridge and is home to retail shops, historic build‐

ings, offices

and restau‐




John Hancock Building

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Your Route to BCH


MBTA Green Line (B, C, D trains)

Bus #57, #64, #65, and #66


MBTA Red Line (Ashmont and Braintree


Bus #1, #8, #18, #19, CT‐3

Back Bay

MBTA Green Line (all trains) and Orange Line

Bus #1, #39, #55

Fenway and Kenmore Square

MBTA Green Line (all trains)

Bus #8, #39, #55, #57, #65

Beacon Hill

MBTA Green Line (all trains), Blue Line, and Red Line

Bus #43, #55

Jamaica Plan

MBTA Green Line (E train), Orange Line

Bus #39, #41, #48


MBTA Green Line (C, D trains)

Bus #60, #65, #66

Mission Hill, Roxbury

MBTA Green Line (E train), Orange Line

Bus # 8, #39, #43, #66, CT‐2

South End

MBTA Green Line (E train), Orange Line

Bus #1, #43, CT‐1

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Emergency Numbers and Hospitals

Emergency 911

Massachuse s Poison Control Center (800) 682‐9211

Massachuse s State Police (617) 740‐7600

Boston Fire Department (617) 567‐2020

(617) 523‐5886

Massachuse s General Hospital (617) 726‐8523

Brigham and Women’s Hospital (617) 732‐5500

(617) 232‐4175

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (617) 667‐7000

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (617) 789‐3000

Boston Medical Center (617) 638‐8000

Planned Parenthood (617) 616‐1600

Boston Children’s Hospital (617) 355‐6000

Page 18

Graduate Medical Educa on (617) 355‐4372

(617) 355‐3396

Office of Fellowship Training (617) 919‐2961

Office of Clinician Support (617) 355‐6705

Human Resources (617) 355‐7780

Parking & Commuter Services (617) 355‐6251

Important Numbers at Children’s Hospital Boston

Medical Staff Services (617) 355‐7793

Occupa onal Health Services (857) 218‐3046

Office of Immigra on Services (617) 355‐2146

(857) 753‐0293


City of Boston; Office of Fellowship Training at CHB; Berklee College of Music; Massachuse s College of Phar‐

macy and Health Sciences; Harvard University Housing; Massachuse s Bay Transporta on Authority;

BCH Parking and Commuter Services; Emerson College; Google Images

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