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6B. Interpret the Confusion atri-$ for ho& man% cases 0i.e.$ respondents1

does the choice lo"it model predict their choice accuratel%8 5or each cell

in the matri-$ "i'e an e-emplar% respondent from the <+stimation= sheet.

Do %ou consider this as a successful estimation for the actual dataset8


As shown in above, the confusion matri shows !"# accurac$% &e 'nd this b$

addin( the two bold numbers in each column )1*"+ 112" and then divide b$ the

total number of respondents )1*""%

6. Interpret the <Coecient +stimates= 0i.e.$ &hich 'ariables a/ect

customer choice si"niEcantl%8, )ased on the si"niEcant 'ariables$ &hich of 

them a/ect customer choice positi'el% and ne"ati'el%81 Please follo& the

methodolo"% &e did in class and do not &orr% about the "reen and red

colors. In ans&erin" this Fuestion$ do not ust &rite do&n the list of

'ariables but tr% to e-plain these relationships in meanin"ful sentences as

if %ou are reportin" it to %our mana"erH


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