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TitleBombay High Court Original Side Rules
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Table of Contents
                            Part I - Advocates and Registered Clerks
PART II - Rules Relating to the Jurisdiction of the High Court on its Original Side
	Chapter I - Original Jurisdiction
	Chapter II - Vacations and Holidays
	Chapter III - Rules Applicable to All Offices on the Original Side
	Chapter IV - Institution of the Suit
	Chapter V - Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind
	Chapter VI - Writ of Summons
	Chapter VII - Written Statement, Set-Off and Counter-Claim
	Chapter VIII - Third Party Procedure
	Chapter IX - Chamber Work
	Chapter X - Notices of Motion
	Chapter XI - Matters Arising Pending Suit
	Chapter XII - Affidavits
	Chapter XIII - Suits by Indigent Persons
	Chapter XIV - Summary Suits
	Chapter XV - Commercial Causes
	Chapter XVI - Administration Suits
	Chapter XVII - Originating Summons
	Chapter XVIII - Computation of Time and Power to Enlarge or Abridge Time
	Chapter XIX - Search and Certified Copies
	Chapter XX - proceedings at the hearing of suits and upto and inclusive of decrees
	Chapter XXI - Arrest and Attachment before Judgment
	Chapter XXII - Execution of Decrees and Orders
	Chapter XXIII - Garnishee Proceedings
	Chapter XXIV - Guardian of Minors and of persons of unsound mind
	Chapter XXV - Receipts and Payments by Officers of the Court
	Chapter XXVI - Testamentary and Intestate Jurisdiction
	Chapter XXVII - Security
	Chapter XXVIII - Office of the Sheriff of Bombay
	Chapter XXIX - Office of the Commissioner for taking Accounts
	Chapter XXX - Office of the Receiver
	Chapter XXXI - Taxation and Advocate's Fee
	Chapter XXXII - office of the Chief Translator and Interpreter
	Chapter XXXIII - Rules for the Issue of Writs under Article 226 of the Constitution other than Habeas Corpus
	Chapter XXXIV
 - Rule relating to References under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894
	Chapter XXXV - Rule Relating to References and Applications under Section 256 of the Income Tax Act, 1961
	Chapter XXXVI - Rule Relating to References and Applications under Section 27 of the Wealth Tax Act, 1957
	Chapter XXXVII - Rule Relating to References and Applications under Section 64 of the Estate Duty Act, 1953
	Chapter XXXVIII - Rule Relating to References and Applications under Section 26 of the Gift Tax Act, 1958
	Chapter XXXIX - Rule Relating to References and Applications under Section 61 of the Bombay Sales Tax Act, 1959
	Chapter XL - Rules under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949
	Chapter XLI - Rules Under the Arbitration Act, 1940
	Chapter XLII - Rules under the Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act, 1937
	Chapter XLIII - Rules under the Foreign Awards (Recognition and Enforcement) Act, 1961
	Chapter XLIII - Rules relating to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
	Chapter XLIV - Rules under the Indian Divorce Act, 1869
	Chapter XLV - Rules under the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958
	Chapter XLVI - Rules under the Insurance Act, 1938
	Chapter XLVII - Rules under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882
	Chapter XLVIII - Rules under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882
	Chapter XLIX - Rules under the Powers of Attorney Act, 1882
	Chapter L - Rules Relating to Case Under the Chartered accountants Act, 1949
	Chapter LI - Review
	Chapter LII - Appeals
	Chapter LIII - Appeals to the Supreme Court
	Chapter LIIIA - Transfer of Cases Under Article 139-A of The Constitution
	Chapter LIV - Audit of Accounts
PART IV - CRIMINAL JURISDICTION - Constitution of Court and Sittings
PART V - Miscellaneous
Chapter LV - Rules Relating to References and Applications Under Section 130 of the Customs Act, 1962
Chapter LVI - Rules Relating to References and Applications Under Section 35 of the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944
Chapter LVII - Rules Relating to References and Applications Under Section 82 of the Gold (Control) Act, 1968
Chapter LVIII - Rules to Regulate Proceedings for Contempt Under Article 215 of The Constitution of India and the Contempt of Courts act, 1971
PART XIX - Rules relating to cases under the Companies Secretaries act, 1980

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