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That “it was not a raid and illegal invasion, but a I.
peaceful intervention, aiming to restore constitutional
order and the status quo that existed prior to the
coup of 15 July 1974”!

That “the right of intervention is provided by the II.
Treaty of Guarantee of the Republic of Cyprus,
which was drafted with the aim to safeguard the
independence, the sovereignty and the territorial
integrity of the Republic of Cyprus”!

That “the Greek-Cypriots are to blame for the III.
developments from 1955 to 1974, because they
had enforced a policy of genocide against the

Lie I is refuted by what is documented in Chapter D.

Lie II is refuted by the Treaty of Guarantee itself, which:

“Does NOT give to the Guarantor Powers the right
of military intervention, except and only if 1st the
guaranteeing country needs to defend itself in the case
of invasion by a third country, 2nd the United Nations
ask one of the guarantor powers for such a military
intervention and 3rd the Republic of Cyprus asks for a
military intervention and the United Nations Security
Council agrees to that demand.”

The Republic of Cyprus had never asked Turkey to
intervene militarily and the United Nations Security
Council never agreed to such a demand.

Lie III is refuted by all the documented contents of this

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