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By Wood Ingham, Christopher Kobar, Mur Lafferty,
Dean Shomshak, Travis Stout and Chuck Wendig

Vampire created by Mark Rein•Hagen

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65bloodlines: the legendary

concentration of renowned perfumers in the world.
Modern-day Istanbul is quite a different place from
the magnifi cent city it once was, but, for the Gulikan,
it remains home.

Their aromatic wares are no longer limited to only the
local market, however. Tonight, high-ranking Kindred
in Elysiums across the globe prize Gulikan aromatics.
Those Kindred who purchase Gulikan products are
well aware of the source of their power, but given their
purchasers’ distance from the source and the great
unlikelihood that they will ever
encounter the actual perfumer
who produced the goods, the
Kindred feel safe enough to
use the scented goods in order
to profi t from their legendary
effi cacy. A cologne that makes
even the most intransi-
gent mortals want
to surrender their
blood to a Kin-
dred certainly
has its value,
even if the
suicidal urge
derives from
another vam-
pire’s Vitae.

A few Gu-
likan have

actually turned their backs on their traditional trade
and found their niche exploiting the small advantage
that accompanies their horrid weakness. Offering their
services as bounty hunters to Sheriffs and other Kindred
needing to track down the living and unliving, these
Gulikan command exceptional fees, and deservedly
so. Those who choose this line of work dwell nearly
anywhere, ever on the trail of someone who crossed
the wrong vampire. The extraordinary exploits of a few
of these Bloodhounds have only further cemented the
bloodline’s legendary standing, making them as feared
and yet as indispensable as any of the Damned.

Parent Clan: Daeva
Nickname: Perfumers or Bloodhounds
Covenant: As most Daeva, the Gulikan are most com-

monly found among the ranks of the Invictus. The First
Estate produces the bulk of the Gulikans’ customers, and
the Perfumers are most comfortable among these elite,
able to profi t both from the sale of their wares and the
hidden web of thralls that they weave nightly. Powdered,
oiled and garbed in only the most expensive, scented
wardrobe, these olfactory wunderkinds are as much a
part of the Danse Macabre as any who want to climb
the Invictus ladder. If more than one Gulikan makes
his home in the same domain, the competition is fi erce.
Nothing poses as great a threat to a Gulikan’s plans as
another Perfumer who plies her own goods in the hope
of wielding power over the local Kindred. Consequently,
each Gulikan seeks to gain as many allies in the Invictus
as possible in order to win over the competitor’s custom-
ers and pawns. Only in Istanbul, where the bloodline

is strongest and established rules of
competition based on ancient guild
customs exist to govern their prac-
tices, do Gulikan suffer each other’s

In some domains, the Lancea
Sanctum is an attractive alternative
to the Invictus. The Sanctifi ed make
use of incense and other perfumed
products for a variety of purposes,
giving a cautious Perfumer a chance
to sway an entire congregation. The
only downside can be a rigorous set
of obligations that demand precious
time better spent perfecting the next
scented concoction.

The Ordo Dracul has few Per-
fumers among its number. For
most, the outlook of the Ordo
Dracul is far too esoteric, and
the limitations on to whom the
Gulikan may market their wares

and in what capacity are all
too commonplace.

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bloodlines: the legendary




The Carthian Movement is popular with those
Gulikan who adopt the Requiem of a bounty hunter.
The nature of Carthian politics allows the Gullikan to
pursue prey that might otherwise be off-limits due to
their social connections.

Until recently, the Circle of the Crone has never been
a popular destination for the rose-bloodedy. In the past
half-century, the Perfumers have taken a sudden interest,
fi nding in Crúac a possible means to greatly expand on the
possibilities inherent in their own special Discipline.

Appearance: Despite their parent clan’s infatuation
with physical beauty, the beauty of scent draws the
Gulikan to their future childer. Many Gulikan select
their progeny literally with eyes closed. Others, of
course, rarely ever discern these distinguishing odors
and judge the Perfumers on visual appearance fi rst.
For this reason, and for no other, most Gulikan at least
make an effort to appear to fi t in with their chosen
peers, whether powdered and diamond-draped Harpies
or a rustic congregation of Sanctifi ed White Robes.
Those whose Requiems consist primarily of playing
bloodhound tend to be the exceptions, caring little if
anything about appearance. For these Gulikan, their
own hedonistic expeditions into the invisible world of
aroma leading them to their prey matters far more than
what the Gulikan wear or others’ opinions of them.


A habit that truly sets the Gulikan apart from
other Kindred is sniffi ng. Kindred do not breathe,
but the Gulikan habitually sniff the air in order
to detect every odor they can. So ingrained is
this practice, due to their bloodline’s weakness,
a Gulikan make a concerted attempt to stop this
activity for longer than a few moments. A successful
Resolve + Composure roll allows the Gulikan to stop
sniffi ng for a full scene, so long as he does not speak
during that time. Any use of speech requires the
Gulikan to inhale and expend air, a sensation that
makes it impossible for the rose-blooded to resist
sampling any passing scents.

Naturally, this habit, along with the Gulikan’s
legendary status, makes it nearly impossible for
the Gulikan to mask their identity most of the
time. Some Kindred might eventually be able
to put two and two together and recognize the
incessantly sniffi ng vampire for what he is. Among
the kine, this habit can also prove troublesome, as
police offi cers, as well as many ordinary citizens,
especially those in the underworld and those who
live on the streets, will assume that the Gulikan
uses cocaine or some other inhaled substance.

The fact that the Gulikan may visibly savor the
odors they encounter only makes these weird
hedonists that much more noteworthy, further
complicating their Requiems.


Haven: Perfumers need proper space to produce
their wares, not only in terms of actual square footage
and security but in terms of geography. In times past,
Perfumers were primarily located in districts where the
atrocious aromas wafting from the maceration vats and
distillation tanks, not to mention the simple stores of
herbs, oils and other pungent ingredients, would not
disturb those with the wealth and infl uence to cause
economic harm, the same people who consumed the
Perfumers’ products with unremitting fervor. Even
Gulikan who possess the most technologically ad-
vanced equipment still have no desire to draw undue
attention should a spill or other accident take place.
The smallest of inadvertent releases could result in
all kine within 10 blocks to come swarming to the
supernatural aphrodisiac!

Consequently, those rose-blooded who pursue Ortam
almost always locate their havens in the Barrens, far
from prying eyes and noses, as a precaution. They usu-
ally select large spaces, in order for the resident Gulikan
to be as distant from the fi res and heat needed in his
work, with the personal sleeping chamber typically
fi reproofed, just in case. Intruders will be hardpressed
to resist being overcome by the powerful fumes — from
the sickly saccharine to the utterly noxious — that as-
sault them upon entering a Gulikan’s haven, which is
more laboratory than workshop. The master will require
a constant supply of ingredients that are unavoidably
used up with each use of Ortam.

Gulikan working as Bloodhounds have no need of
such quarters but still prefer to bed down far from the
wash of human odors that drenches most of the city, in
order to keep temptation at bay as much as possible.
Of course, when hunting, Bloodhounds dive into that
sea of sweat, fl atulence, rotting food, soiled garments
and every other source of human effl uvia in order to
indulge as only Gulikan might.

Background: Although a childe is ultimately selected
because she possesses a scent that the sire must claim for
his own, only the dimmest Perfumer would adopt as his
apprentice an individual whose wits leave something
to be desired. Ortam is as much a technical exercise as
an art. A prospective childe must master fundamental
mathematics, a broad knowledge of herbs and related
chemistry and an ability to carefully balance all the
ingredients in a way that produces the exact result
desired. Therefore, a childe’s merit depends not merely
on her ability to be a companion or thing of desire but
also on her potential as an exceptional student and use-
ful assistant to the sire. College graduates, some skilled
laborers and those with a demonstrated fl air for creative
prowess are highly prized.

Many Gulikan still harbor ancient biases and also
prefer their protégés to be of a middle- or upper-class
upbringing, ensuring that the fl edgling will be able

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