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TitleBig Book of Small House Designs
File Size18.7 MB
Total Pages369
Table of Contents
Modern Scottish Manor House
Solar-Efficient Saltbox
Friendly Neighborhood Home
Cottage in the Woods
Private Lakeside Retreat
Evergreen Hide-Away
Solar Ranch
Abstract Farmhouse
Rustic Retreat
Sunshine Home
Metaphoric Ark
Simple, Adaptable Two Story
All-Weather Rustic
West Coast Wood Frame
Modified A-Frame
Sheep Farm Ranch
Subtropical Solar Home
European Splendor
Geometric Contemporary
Garden Paradise
Sustainable Living
Spacious, Compact Ranch
Versatile Split Level
Family-Oriented Split Level
Solar, Modular Prefab
Underground Earth Home
Cozy Vermont Cabin
Elegant Urban Fortress
Zen Temple
Meditative Lakeside Retreat
Neighborhood Privacy
Dramatic Coastal Lookout
Classical Florida House
Cozy Woodland Home
“Prairie One”
Flexible Family Living
Modified Colonial Saltbox
Nature Lover’s House
Underground Eden
Vermont Retreat
Storybook Cottage
A Taste of the Far East
“Bridge House”
Michigan Lake House
Ocean Views
Formal Ocean-Side Home
Midwest Modular
The Modified Dog-Trot
Elegant Hacienda
Solar Staircase House
Elegant Postmodern
Earth and Wood Essential
Ever-Efficient Home
“Charleston House”
Wisconsin Farm House
Sophisticated Steel Frame
Woodsy Home/Studio
Energy Efficient (on a South-Sloping Site)
Big Little House
Desert Module
Basic Ranch
Live-in Sculpture
Vertical Space
Victorian Barn
Classic Rural Style
Clean and Simple Living
Classic Ranch
More Than a Cabin
Urban Geometry
Pretty and Practical
Modern Tudor
Ecology House
Key West Cottage
Desert Oasis
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