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Beyond Earthbound Dreams

In the dance of divine love,

God always takes the lead.

beatitude are those who act in response to God’s mercy, rather

than in anticipation of receiving it.

The fact is, God extends His mercy to us not because we

have proven ourselves to be worthy of it, as many have pre-

sumed, and not even because our need is so desperate, but be-

cause it is His nature to do so. Regardless of our mistakes, our

foibles, our foolish behavior, or even our blatant acts of disobe-

dience, God reaches out His hand of mercy to us. He alone is

the initiator of divine grace. This was the Apostle John’s point

when he wrote, “This is real love—not that we loved God, but

that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our

sins” (1 John 4:10, NLT). In the dance of divine love, God always

takes the lead.

Through the promise of the first beatitude, God invites us to

follow His lead by admitting our spiritual poverty and humbly

accepting His mercy. As we

respond to His invitation, we

find ourselves swept up into

the movements and motions of a great, divine dance—having

our need for mercy abundantly satisfied, we are transformed

into the “merciful” spoken of in this fifth beatitude.

grace, once imparted, not only fills all void, but fills it to over-

flowing. Those who have been blessed become those who are

empowered to bless in return. Those who have been shown

Each of the spiritual attitudes in the first section finds a corresponding call to

action in the second. For example, the first of the four spiritual attitudes—
poverty of spirit—is clearly connected to the first of the four calls to spiritual
action—to extend mercy to others. This pattern is repeated between the
second beatitude and the sixth, the third and the seventh, and finally,
between the fourth and the eighth.

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