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TitleBattleTech 35ED001 - Golden Century
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Table of Contents
                            Era Digest: Golden Century
Changes, They Are The Times
Introduction & How To Use This Book
The Golden Age
	Widows Themselves
	A Bold New Time
	Blood in the Boardroom
	The Little People
	Better Weapons for Better Warriors
	Viper's Unrest
	Warriors Above Politicians
	Bad Blood
Clan Mongoose
	The Beginning
	Life as a Mongoose
	The Beginning of the End
Order Through Conflict
	Circle of Equals
	Ritual of Abjuration
	Rite of Absorption
	Ritual of Adoption
	Trial of Annihilation
	Trial of Bloodright
	Trial of Grievance
	Trial of Position
	Trial of Possession
	Trial of Propagation
	Trial of Reaving
	Trials of Refusal
Golden Century Rules
	Role-Playing Rules
	Economic Adjustments for the Golden Century
	BattleTech Rules
	Random Assignment Table (2858)
New Units
Record Sheets
	Coyotl Prime
	Coyotl A
	Lupus Prime
	Lupus A
	Lupus B
	Woodsman Prime
	Woodsman A
	Chippewa IIC
	Quicksilver Mongoose (BattleShip)

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