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TitleBaby Signing for Dummies (ISBN - 0471773867)
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Table of Contents
                            Baby Signing For Dummies
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		Conventions Used in This Book
		What You’re Not to Read
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Talking Hands
		Chapter 1: Getting Onboard with Baby Signing
			What Exactly Is Sign Language for Babies?
			Why Should I Sign with My Baby?
			Should I Use ASL or Make Up My Own Signs?
			When Should I Start and When Will My Baby Start Signing Back?
			When Should I Stop?
			What Should I Sign with My Baby?
			I’m Just Regular Folk—Can I Really Do This?
		Chapter 2: Introducing Signs to Your Baby
			Recognizing the Right Time to Introduce Signs
			Knowing Where to Begin
			Knowing When Baby Might Sign Back
			Making Signing a Family Affair
			Remembering That Caregivers and Friends Are Family, Too
		Chapter 3: Warming Up: Signing Boot Camp
			Hand Shapes: Not Just for Shadow Puppets Anymore
			Some Signing Do’s and Don’ts
	Part II: Ready, Set, Sign!
		Chapter 4: Signing 101: Some Basic Signs
			Meeting and Greeting: You Say Good-Bye, and I Say Hello...
			Who Are You Again?
			A Few Everyday Needs
		Chapter 5: Eat, Baby, Eat! Mealtime Signs
			Magic Signs for Mealtime
			Growing Food, Part I: Fruits
			Growing Food, Part II: Veggies
			Got Dairy?
			Fun Food! Desserts
		Chapter 6: Signs to Help Keep Baby Safe and Sound
			Ounce-of-Prevention Signs
			"How Do I Feel Today?" Signs
		Chapter 7: Bath and Bed Signs
			Scrubbing in the Tub
			Getting Ready for Bed
	Part III: Signs for Everyday Life
		Chapter 8: Signing Stuff That Baby Wears
			Typical Playwear
			Stuff That Keeps Baby Toasty Outside
		Chapter 9: Signing Animals from A to Z
			Can We Have a Pet? Please, Please, Please?
			Look Down Thar by the Barn and Pasture
			Fieldtrip! A Day at the Zoo
		Chapter 10: Signing in the Great Outdoors
			C’mon, Baby, Take a Ride with Me
			Moods of Mother Nature
			Look! Up in the Sky!
			Big Fun at the Community Park
			The Wonders of Your Own Backyard
	Part IV: Now We’re Talking
		Chapter 11: Signing Sentences
			What’s a Sign Sentence?
			Is Signing Sentences Really a Big Deal?
			So When and How Do I Begin?
			Looking at a Few Sign Sentences
		Chapter 12: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks
			Why Isn’t Baby Signing Back?
			What If I’m the Only One Who Signs with Baby?
			Why Does Baby Use the Same Sign for Everything?
			Why Doesn’t Baby Sign Anymore?
			When Do I Add More Signs?
			What If My Baby Isn’t Talking, but He’s Signing like Crazy?
		Chapter 13: How Long Do We Keep This Up?
			Better Student All Around
			Higher IQ and Less ADD/ADHD
			Stronger Sibling Relationships
	Part V: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 14: Ten Reasons to Sign with Baby
			Reduce Frustration
			Improve Communication Skills
			Strengthen Family Relationships
			Reap Long-Term Benefits
			Provide Extra Fun
			Gain More Priceless Moments
			Develop SPI (Silent Parental Influence)
			Develop PSI (Parental Self Improvement)
			Own the Spotlight
			You Never Know Where It’ll Lead
		Chapter 15: Ten Signs Every Baby and Toddler Should Know
			Thank You
		Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Songs to Sign
			The Itsy Bitsy Spider
			Old MacDonald
			Row, Row, Row Your Boat
			Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
			Baa, Baa Black Sheep
			Mary Had a Little Lamb
			The Alphabet Song
			I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
		Chapter 17: Ten (Or So) Signing Resources
			Little Signers, Inc.
			Signing with Your Baby
			Baby Einstein’s Baby Wordsworth First Words—Around the House
			Signing Smart
			Signing Time
			Tiny Fingers
			Baby Fingers
			Baby Signs
			Baby Hands Productions
	Part VI: Appendixes
		Appendix A: The ASL Alphabet
		Appendix B: ASL Numbers
		Appendix C: ASL Colors
Document Text Contents
Page 1

Baby Signing


by Jennifer Watson

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Page 145

Even if your view from home is concrete in all directions and your
baby has never crawled outside the city limits, chances are that
he’s still been exposed to lots of information about farms and farm
animals, from e-i-e-i-o songs to books about various critters that
live way out by the barn and pasture. You can enhance your child’s
understanding of these critters by using the signs for them during
your conversations. This section starts you on your way with signs
for some basic farm animals: cow, horse, sheep, pig, chicken, duck,
and frog.

If you’re lucky enough to have a farm within driving distance, and
if that farm allows visitors (especially visitors with babies in tow),
why not get a group of friends together to make the trip? The pic-
tures alone will be worth the effort. You’ll be able to introduce
your baby firsthand to various farm animals, as well as show the
signs for the animals on the spot. Then, when you get back home,
you’ll be able to reminisce and reinforce the learning experience
by looking at the photos and continuing with the signs.

Moo. Babies see COWS on ice cream and milk cartons, in animal
books, and even in fast-food restaurants occasionally. Recently, for
example, during a grand reopening of a popular chicken sandwich
chain in my neck of the woods, my kids were given stuffed COWS
to commemorate the occasion. Being the signing big sisters that
they are, the girls immediately began getting brother Cole’s atten-
tion by mooing and signing COW. Cole just laughed and laughed
and finally attempted the sign and the moo, much to the girls’ (and
their parents’) delight.

Next time you see a COW, whether in a pasture or barn, on a carton
or billboard, in a book or picture, feel free to re-create my family’s
experience at the fast-food restaurant. That is, if you don’t think
you’d feel a little out of place mooing and signing in public. Here’s
the sign for COW:

1. Make the ASL sign for the letter Y by making a fist and
then extending your thumb and pinkie finger (see
Appendix A).

2. Place your thumb to your temple (see Figure 9-5).

Picture a bull’s horn. (For those of you who may have
grown up on concrete, a bull is a male cow.) Now you’ve
got it.

Chapter 9: Signing Animals from A to Z 123

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Page 146

Figure 9-5: Got COWS?

Whether they have majestic wings, a magical horn, or a shimmer-
ing knight on top, horses in many storybooks are the source of
happily-ever-after dreams of children everywhere. And then there’s
the other side of the saddle. I’m talking about the farming, sport-
ing, ranching, herding, rodeoing, ten-gallon-hat-and-chaps-wearing,
horse-loving children, and there are lots of them, too. I’m from
Texas. I should know.

Whether your little horse lover is into fairytales or farms, ranches
or rodeos, have fun with your imaginations, books, and fieldtrips —
and sign the word HORSE all the while. Here’s how:

1. Make a fist and then extend your first two fingers and
thumb, fingertips pointing up.

2. Place your thumb on your head above your ear and bend
your fingers forward a couple of times (see Figure 9-6).

Yep, you’re pretending your fingers are a horse’s ears.

Part III: Signs for Everyday Life 124

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Page 289

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