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Bukidnon State University – College of Law
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Under the law, the wage rates paid to

workers paid by results, including

pakyao, piecework and other noontime

work must be fair and reasonable.

5. What statutory benefits are piece-rate

workers entitled to?

On the basis of existing labor

regulations and more recent

jurisprudence, piece rate workers are

entitled to the benefits, as follows:

a. The applicable statutory minimum daily rate;

b. Yearly service incentive leave of five (5) days with pay;

c. Night shift differential pay;

d. Holiday pay;

e. Meal and rest periods;

f. Overtime pay (conditional)

g. Premium pay (conditional)

h. 13

-month pay

Other benefits granted by law, by individual or collective agreement

Chapter III – Payment of Wages

Box 13 - Estacion

1. Is it lawful to pay the wages only once a month? May the wages be paid in form of goods such

as phone cards?


Under Art. 103 of the Labor Code; Wages shall be made at least once every two (2)weeks or

twice a month at intervals not exceeding sixteen (16) days. If on account of Force majeure or

circumstances beyond the employers control, payment of wages on or within the time herein

provided cannot be made, the employer shall pay the wages immediately after such force majeure

or circumstances have ceased. No employer shall make payment with less frequency than once a


No employer shall pay the wages of an employee by means of promissory notes, vouchers,

coupons, tokens, tickets, chits or any object other than legal tender, even when expressly requested

by the employee.

2. What is independent contracting in contrast to labor-only contracting? What does the latter

consist of and why does the law prohibit it?

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