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TitleAutobiography of a YOGI
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Autobiography of a YOGI


Paramhansa Yogananda


W. Y. Evans-Wentz, M.A., D.Litt., D.Sc.

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"Except ye see signs and wonders,

ye will not believe."-John 4:48.

Copyright, 1946, by

Paramhansa Yogananda

Dedicated To The Memory Of


An American Saint


Preface, By W. Y. EVANS-WENTZ

List of Illustrations


1. My Parents and Early Life

2. Mother's Death and the Amulet

3. The Saint with Two Bodies (Swami Pranabananda)

4. My Interrupted Flight Toward the Himalayas

5. A "Perfume Saint" Performs his Wonders

6. The Tiger Swami

7. The Levitating Saint (Nagendra Nath Bhaduri)

8. India's Great Scientist and Inventor, Jagadis Chandra Bose

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The Self-Realization Church of All Religions in Washington, D.C.,
whose leader, Swami Premananda, is here pictured with me

My venerable father, seated in the tranquil lotus posture, Calcutta,

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Far into the night my dear friend-the first Kriya Yogi in America- discussed

with me the need for world colonies founded on a spiritual basis. The ills

attributed to an anthropomorphic abstraction called "society" may be laid

more realistically at the door of Everyman. Utopia must spring in the private

bosom before it can flower in civic virtue. Man is a soul, not an institution;

his inner reforms alone can lend permanence to outer ones. By stress on

spiritual values, self- realization, a colony exemplifying world brotherhood is

empowered to send inspiring vibrations far beyond its locale.

August 15, 1945, close of Global War II! End of a world; dawn of an

enigmatic Atomic Age! The hermitage residents gathered in the main hall for

a prayer of thanksgiving. "Heavenly Father, may never it be again! Thy

children go henceforth as brothers!"

Gone was the tension of war years; our spirits purred in the sun of peace. I

gazed happily at each of my American comrades.

"Lord," I thought gratefully, "Thou hast given this monk a large family!"

48-1: A small town on Coast Highway 101, Encinitas is 100 miles south of Los Angeles, and 25

miles north of San Diego.

48-2: I translate here the words of Guru Nanak's song:

O God beautiful! O God beautiful!

In the forest, Thou art green,

In the mountain, Thou art high,

In the river, Thou art restless,

In the ocean, Thou art grave!

To the serviceful, Thou art service,

To the lover, Thou art love,

To the sorrowful, Thou art sympathy,

To the yogi, Thou art bliss!

O God beautiful! O God beautiful!

At Thy feet, O I do bow!

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