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TitleAtkinson J., Fundamentals of Ground Engineering, 2014
TagsGeotechnical Engineering Geology Rock (Geology) Sedimentary Rock
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Table of Contents
                            Front Cover
Geology and Engineering
How to Use This Book
Things to Do
Further Reading
Chapter 1: What is Geotechnical Engineering?
Part A: Discovering the Ground
	Chapter 2: Formation of Soils and Rocks
	Chapter 3: Description and Classification of Soils
	Chapter 4: Ground Investigations
Part B: Essential Physics and Mechanics
	Chapter 5: A Little Basic Mechanics
	Chapter 6: Behaviour of Materials
	Chapter 7: Water Pressure and Seepage
Part C: Soil Mechanics
	Chapter 8: Pore Pressure and Effective Stress
	Chapter 9: Soil Behaviour Observed in Tests on Samples
	Chapter 10: Soil Deformation
	Chapter 11: Soil Strength
	Chapter 12: State and State Parameters
	Chapter 13: Cam Clay and Numerical Modelling
	Chapter 14: Soil Parameters for Design
Part D: Geotechnical Engineering
	Chapter 15: Routine Analyses of Geotechnical Structures
	Chapter 16: Stability of Slopes
	Chapter 17: Foundations
	Chapter 18: Retaining Walls
	Chapter 19: Unsaturated, Improved and Difficult Soils
	Chapter 20: Principles of Geotechnical Design
Keywords, Definitions and Index

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