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Table of Contents
                            Arizona For Dummies, 4th Edition
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Maps at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		Conventions Used in This Book
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Introducing Arizona
		Chapter 1: Discovering the Best of Arizona
			Best Historic Attractions
			Best Places to Explore Native American Culture
			Best Activities
			Best Places to See Western Film–Style Landscapes
			Best Places to Shop for Arts and Crafts
			Best Historic Lodgings
			Best Places to Savor Southwest Flavors
		Chapter 2: Digging Deeper into Arizona
			History 101: The Main Events
			Building Blocks: Local Architecture
			Taste of Arizona: Local Cuisine
			Word to the Wise: The Local Lingo
			Background Check: Recommended Movies and Books
		Chapter 3: Deciding Where and When to Go
			Going Everywhere You Want to Be
			Scheduling Your Time
			Revealing the Secrets of the Seasons
			Checking Out the Calendar of Events
		Chapter 4: Following an Itinerary: Five Great Options
			Going North or South: Seeing Arizona’s Highlights in One Week
			Taking the Leisurely Route: Touring the Best of Arizona in Two Weeks
			Making It a Family Affair: Discovering Arizona with Kids
			Digging In: Arizona’s Old West History
	Part II: Planning Your Trip to Arizona
		Chapter 5: Managing Your Money
			Planning Your Budget
			Cutting Costs — But Not the Fun
			Handling Money
			Dealing with a Lost or Stolen Wallet
		Chapter 6: Getting to Arizona
			Flying to Arizona
			Driving to Arizona
			Arriving by Train
			Joining an Escorted Tour
			Choosing a Package Tour
		Chapter 7: Getting Around Arizona
			By Car
			By Plane
			By Train
			By Bus
		Chapter 8: Booking Your Accommodations
			Getting to Know Your Options
			Finding the Best Room at the Best Rate
			Reserving the Best Room
		Chapter 9: Catering to Special Travel Needs or Interests
			Traveling with the Brood: Advice for Families
			Making Age Work for You: Tips for Seniors
			Accessing Arizona: Advice for Travelers with Disabilities
			Following the Rainbow: Resources for Gay and Lesbian Travelers
			Exploring Your Special Interests
		Chapter 10: Taking Care of the Remaining Details
			Playing It Safe with Travel and Medical Insurance
			Staying Healthy When You Travel
			Staying Connected by Cellphone
			Staying Connected by E-mail
			Keeping Up with Airline Security Measures
	Part III: Exploring the Big Cities
		Chapter 11: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun
			Getting There
			Introducing the Neighborhoods
			Finding Information after You Arrive
			Getting around Phoenix
			Staying in Style
			Dining Out
			Exploring Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun
			Staying Active
			Rooting for the Home Team: Spectator Sports
			Seeing the Valley by Guided Tour
			Following an Itinerary
			Shopping the Local Stores
			Living It Up after Dark
			Fast Facts: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun
		Chapter 12: Going Beyond Greater Phoenix: Two Day Trips
			Day Trip #1: Around the Apache Trail
			Day Trip #2: Wickenburg
		Chapter 13: Tucson
			Getting There
			Introducing the Neighborhoods
			Finding Information after You Arrive
			Getting around Tucson
			Staying in Style
			Dining Out
			Seeing the Sights
			Keeping Active
			Rooting for the Home Team: Spectator Sports
			Seeing Tucson by Guided Tour
			Following an Itinerary
			Shopping for Local Treasures
			Living It Up after Dark
			Fast Facts: Tucson
		Chapter 14: Going Beyond Tucson: Two Day Trips
			Day Trip #1: West to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
			Day Trip #2: Casa Grande and Florence
	Part IV: Exploring the Regions
		Chapter 15: Southeast Arizona
			Along the Santa Cruz River
			Fast Facts: Santa Cruz River
			Eastern Santa Cruz County
			Fast Facts: Eastern Santa Cruz County
			Southern Cochise County
			Fast Facts: Southern Cochise County
			Northern Cochise County
			Fast Facts: Northern Cochise County
		Chapter 16: Central Arizona
			Sedona and the Verde Valley
			Fast Facts: Sedona and the Verde Valley
			Fast Facts: Prescott
		Chapter 17: The Grand Canyon and Northwest Arizona
			Flagstaff, Williams, and Lower Northwest Arizona
			Fast Facts: Lower Northwest Arizona
			The South Rim of the Grand Canyon
			Fast Facts: The South Rim
			The North Rim of the Grand Canyon (and More)
			Fast Facts: The North Rim
		Chapter 18: Northeast Arizona: Hopi and Navajo Country
			Navajo Nation Northwest
			Fast Facts: Navajo Nation Northwest
			Navajo Nation East
			Fast Facts: Navajo Nation East
			The Hopi Mesas
			Fast Facts: The Hopi Mesas
			Along Old Route 66
			Fast Facts: Along Old Route 66
	Part V: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 19: The Top Ten Crafts to Buy in Arizona
			Hopi Katsina Dolls
			Hopi Overlay Silverwork
			Navajo Rugs
			Navajo Silverwork
			Zuni Carvings (Fetishes)
			Tohono O’odham Baskets
			Bola Ties
			Western-Style Leatherwork
			Mexican Tinwork
		Chapter 20: Arizona’s Top Ten Desert Denizens
			Jackrabbits and Desert Cottontails
		Chapter 21: Arizona’s Top Ten Food Groups
			Topopo Salad
	Appendix: Quick Concierge
		Fast Facts
		Toll-Free Numbers and Web Sites
		Where to Get More Information
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by Edie Jarolim




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indoor-outdoor complex anchored by Dillard’s, Macy’s, Sears, and fea-
turing plenty of upscale retailers and a 20-plex cinema; finding parking
isn’t always easy. Tucson’s first enclosed shopping center, El Con, 3601
E. Broadway Blvd., between Alvernon and Country Club, in central
Tucson (% 520-795-9958;, has been undergoing a
major revitalization. It’s still fairly low key, with Robinson-May, JCPenney,
Home Depot, and Target as its mainstays and no sit-down restaurants
(unless you count Krispy Kreme) — but stay tuned. With luck, El Con
will do as well as the Foothills Mall, 7401 North La Cholla, at Ina, in the
northwest (% 520-219-0650;, a once
languishing collection of shops that was resuscitated by the addition of
various high-end outlets (including Off 5th by Saks Fifth Avenue) as well
as a Barnes & Noble Superstore and several good refueling stops. The
latest arrival on the semioutdoor mall scene is La Encantada, 2905 E.
Skyline Dr., at Campbell, in the Foothills (% 520-299-3556; http:// Still a work in progress, this com-
plex features posh names like Adrienne Vittadini, Williams-Sonoma, and
Coach, as well as some Tucson originals. Locals flock to several trendy
restaurants and to AJ’s, a gourmet grocery store with lots of takeout/
eat-in options.

Getting (boutique) mall’d
Several of Tucson’s intimate shopping enclaves not only offer a nice
variety of local boutiques but also boast interesting architecture. The
Spanish Revival–style buildings of Swiss-born Josias Joesler, perhaps
Tucson’s best-known architect, may be seen at Broadway Village, on
the southwest corner of Broadway Boulevard and Country Club Road,
Central, built in 1939 as the city’s first shopping center; Casas Adobes
(, on the southwest corner of the inter-
section of Oracle and Ina roads, Northwest; and, naturally, at Joesler
Village, on the northwest corner of River and Campbell, north Central.
All are home to good restaurants as well as an eclectic variety of art,
craft, and clothing shops. Newer but no less interesting are St. Phillip’s
Plaza (, at the southeast corner of
Campbell and River roads, and Plaza Palomino, on the southeast corner
of Swan at Fort Lowell, (, both in central
Tucson, and both offering farmers’ markets and entertainment on high-
season weekends.

Chapter 13: Tucson 231

Spiny souvenirs
You won’t want to stuff any cacti in your suitcase, but you can get them shipped by
B&B Cactus Farms, 11550 E. Speedway Blvd., 11⁄2 miles past Houghton Road, on the
east side (% 520-721-4687;, the town’s top prickly plant
connection. The farm is far out on the eastside, but the drive is beautiful and, if you’re
going to Saguaro National Park East or Colossal Cave, it’s not out of the way.

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What to look for and where to find it
As you may have guessed, things Southwest — everything from Western
wear to Native American crafts — should top your Tucson shopping list.
The good news: Although Tucson gets its fair share of tourists, this big
city caters to local pocketbooks — which means you can often get better
deals on Southwest goods here than you can in more high-rent towns
like $cottsdale, $edona, or $anta Fe.

The clarity of light, the beauty of the desert, and, no doubt, the relatively
low cost of living have all made Tucson an artist magnet. If you want to
invest in an as-yet undiscovered Picasso, Tucson may just be the place.

In addition to the galleries in downtown’s arts districts — see the Web
sites of the Tucson Arts District Partnership, www.tucsonartsdistrict.
org, and the Tucson Pima Arts Council, www.tucsonpimaartscouncil.
org, for details on locations, events, and tours — you’ll also find gallery
concentrations at Joesler Village, St. Philip’s Plaza, and Plaza Palamino
(see the “Getting (boutique) mall’d” section earlier in this chapter for all
three); and, especially, at El Cortijo, on the northeast corner of Skyline
Boulevard and Campbell Avenue. ArtLife Arizona, found in the lobbies
of major hotels, resorts, and home decorating stores around town and
online at, covers the entire city, with an
emphasis on the more established galleries.

Dinnerware, 101 W. Sixth St., at Ninth Avenue, downtown (% 520-792-
4503), veering strongly toward the avant-garde, is a good starting point
for a budding art star search. Also downtown, Etherton, 135 S. Sixth Ave.,
a half block south of Broadway (% 520-624-7370), focuses on photogra-
phy, historic as well as contemporary, although painting has a strong
presence, too. Philabaum Glass Gallery, 4280 N. Campbell, Suite 105, in
St. Philip’s Plaza (% 520-299-1939), and Philabaum Glass Studio, 711 S.
Sixth Ave., just south of downtown (% 520-884-7404), feature the work
of world-renowned glass artist Tom Philabaum and other outstanding
practitioners of the fragile art. Don’t miss these galleries, even if you
can’t afford to buy anything. El Presidio (% 520-299-1414) and Settlers
West (% 520-299-2607), both in El Cortijo, are excellent sources of tradi-
tional Western art. Both Western and Native American art are showcased
at the huge Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, 7000 E. Tanque Verde
Rd., central Tucson (% 520-722-7798;,
with its adjacent Conley Museum of the West. The newer but smaller
Foothills location, 2890 E. Skyline Dr., at Campbell Avenue, Suite 190,
(% 520-299-7798), is the venue for art shows and just hints at the treas-
ures available at the central location.

If your tastes tend toward the colorful and flowing, Maya Palace, 6332 E.
Broadway, at Wilmot (% 520-748-0817), and in Plaza Palamino (% 520-
325-6411), should suit you. Del Sol, 435 N. Fourth Ave., at Sixth St.,

Part III: Exploring the Big Cities 232

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Page 505

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