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Apple Brand Audit 2012


Executive Summary

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has grown from a small business selling computers into one of the
most successful and valuable brands in the entire world. Consumers everywhere perceive the brand as
being one of the very best because of their groundbreaking product lines, their successful marketing
programs, and their ability to differentiate themselves among other competing brands. These elements
and attributes are the core aspects that make up Apple’s brand equity.
Apple has always been known for releasing innovative, user-friendly products that have become
extremely popular in the market. They are a dominant force in the market for consumer electronics, and
their merchandise is in extremely high demand. Secondly, their very successful marketing and
distribution strategies are able create consumer perceptions that make Apple’s brand a highly reputable
Through these core elements and attributes, Apple as a brand has seen its value skyrocket over the
years. By continuing to implement and improve on these successful programs and strategies, Apple’s
brand equity will continue to grow and flourish in the future of the company.

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Apple Brand Audit 2012


Communications, pricing and distribution strategy of apple:

Apple is also innovative and good in their communications; its communication has a unique

style. As in the TV ads, print ads, and in online ads they don’t endorse the famous personalities

and celebrities to promote their products Rather, Apple just sticks to a communications strategy

that aims to relate to consumers how innovative, sleek, and reliable its products are compared to

other competitors. Apple communication is simple, clear, minimalist and clever. Well of course

when u have great products it is much easier to attract the customers, but nevertheless doing it

with style and cleverness is very crucial, it boost sales and enhances the brand value too just like

apple do so. One of the most communication strategies of Apple is the “I am a Mac, I am a PC”

television ad, in a humorous way, this ad exposes Window’s weaknesses while emphasizing the

benefits of the Macintosh operating system.

Apple also distinguish itself through its premium pricing strategy, They always charge high

prices for their products because they claim that they not only sell the quality products but they

give style and class to the people and those who use the apple consider themselves elite and

reputable in the market. As currently apple launch its I phone 5 with the starting price of

RS.95000 which is the huge price but before its launching advance booking break the all records

of history in terms of sales.

With regards to distribution, Apple sells its products in a number of ways. First, there are the

Apple stores, which can be found in many major shopping centers, malls and outlet stores.

Secondly, Apple products are also sold in retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy etc,

third, Third, Apple also sells its products through the iTunes store and Apps store available

online. Lastly, Apple has a website wherein customers can browse and buy products in a very

convenient manner. Due to its extensive range of distribution system apple make easy for its

customers to test and buy their products, and it also adds to the brand’s value, since it enables

Apple to be more visible to customers.

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Apple Brand Audit 2012


Brand Elements

Logo: Apple’s distinguishing symbol is the apple with a bite taken out of it. Although their logo

has changed since the 70’s (the rainbow apple to the monochrome apple), the effect on

customers is the same. Once they see this icon on a product, that product is

associated with all of the perceptions of the Apple brand, such as quality and

innovation. The product is immediately perceived as the best of its kind

because it has the symbol of the most valuable technology company in the

world. So logo of apple is the element of their brand.

Packaging: Apple’s products are packaged in very simple boxes that are designed to connect

with the consumer. On the outside, the design of the boxes is very plain and usually only features

a picture of the product. It is opening the box for the first time that makes the package special.

There is a department within the company those are specialize in the designing, packaging and

testing which ones elicit the perfect emotional response on opening.

When customers open the box of apple first it become the

memorable moment for them, and they want to repeat by

repurchasing the product again.

Slogans: Apple utilize its variety of slogans to promote their products, for their each product line

they have different slogans which describe their importance, benefits, use and creativity of that

product and it does so in creative fashion, Several of their slogans often emphasize the

innovation of their products. For example, as they use for their App store that "Your iPhone gets

better with every new app." the other best example is which they use for their ipad is "Thinner,

Lighter, Faster, Face time, Smart Covers. 10 hour battery." Several slogans also state why

Apple’s products are better than competitors' products (including preceding Apple products). In

2008, the slogan, “The first phone to beat the iPhone” was used to advertise the iPhone 3G.

Currently they use slogan for Apple 5 is “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”

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Apple Brand Audit 2012



Apple is associated with products that appeal to the emotions and lifestyle of consumers.

Likewise, the brand is also associated with Innovation, simplicity, excellent customer service,

and unique customer experiences.

 However, on the other hand, Apple’s brand is also associated to a poor or lack of
corporate social responsibility. Compared to its competitors like, Microsoft donates an

estimate of $400 million yearly to various organizations. This is the same for IBM, which

shells out around $150 million to schools and non-profit organizations. So apple should

also do this activity As a result, we will that this will improve the Apple brand

considerably and quash all associations of the brand as not being corporate socially

responsible. In return, brand equity will be built, and customer goodwill and perception

of the brand will also be strengthened.

 To deliver the desired brand positioning, we recommend that Apple should continue to
implement its “I am a Mac, I am a PC” ad campaign because this marketing program

states the benefits of using an Apple product rather than those of its competitors in a very

simple, yet entertaining manner.

 They also should design such ads those are interesting and which may remember in
customer mind for a long time.

 They should continue to use the Apple Store to give customers the ultimate shopping
experience. For instance, Apple must not stop giving consumers the opportunity to feel,

touch, and use sample Apple products that are displayed in all Apple stores.

 Apple should also sponsor in sports events, Like: Cricket, Football, Olympics etc through
which they communicate the huge population of different countries, it’s a great platform

to keep in touch with the customers.

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