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TitleAngels of Abundance - Virtue, Doreen, Virtue, Grant
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Introduction to the Angels of Abundance
Message 1: Ask for Help
Message 2: The How Is Up to God
Message 3: Embrace the Magical Manifestation Power of Deservingness
Message 4: Develop an Abundance Mind-set
Message 5: High Energy = Fast Manifestation!
Message 6: Do the Work!
Message 7: Visualize Success
Message 8: Always Say Positive Affirmations
Message 9: Keep Your Focus
Message 10: Allow Yourself to Receive
Message 11: Keep Your Divine Contract
	• Manifestation Stories
	• Meditations for Abundance
About the Authors
Document Text Contents
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Angels of Love (book; available January 2015)
Angel Words (book)
Angel Blessings Candle Kit (includes booklet, CD, journal,


Books/Calendar/Kit/Oracle Board


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The Angels of Abundance have a mission to bring peace to
the world by eliminating stress about lack and limitations.
These angels support our purpose by assisting us in
visualizing our desires. They know that what we visualize, we
will receive, so they gently remind us to always hold positive,
loving images that we truly want to manifest. It is primarily
for this reason that the angels encourage us to stay away from
images and movies that depict negativity or violence. The
angels want us to see things that bring us joy, not pain.

Fortunately, visualization is a remarkably simple thing to
explain and practice. While visualization can be made into
something complicated and unapproachable, we can assure
you that it is, most likely, something you’re already doing.

The Magic of Imagination

As we stated previously, we were all born with the magic of
imagination; some of us have just forgotten how to use it.
Consider the fact that children seem to have remarkable
imaginations in comparison to adults. Is this because we
gradually became enthralled by the “real world”? Or could we
have forgotten, bit by bit, that our world is not the only “real”
one in existence?

It is precisely when we forget or deny that magic exists that
we constrict our experiences in our modern world. We can
certainly understand the arguments that many put forward
saying that they simply don’t have time for such childish
nonsense. Others will argue that the economy is the problem,
or their family is blocking them. Although that may be true in


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