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TitleAlpha God : the psychology of religious violence and oppression
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Chapter 1: Enter God the Dominant Ape
	Dominance Defined
	History: How a Dominant Male God Rises to Power
Chapter 2: Evolutionary Mechanisms: Etiology
	Natural Selection
	Sexual Selection
		Mate Competition
		Mate Selection
	Mating Strategies
		Male Jealousy
	Kin Selection and Kin Altruism
	Evolutionary Psychology and the Science of God
Chapter 3: The Protector God
	Protector Males
	Paternal Certainty in Apes, Men, and God
	Problems of Divine Alliance Making
Chapter 4: Sexual Dominance: From Apes to Men to Gods
		Violence and Sexual Access
		Infanticide in Nonhuman Primates
		What Men Want
		What Dominant Men Get
		The Lustful Godhead
		Sexually Repressive Gods: Divine Jealousy
		The Virgin and the King
		Chaste and Submissive
		What Women Want in their Men and Gods
		The Cost to Women and Children
			Violence against Women
			Infanticide in Men and God
	A Case Study
Chapter 5: Cooperative Killing, In-Group Identity, and God
	Evidence in the Microcosm
	Establishing Boundaries with Kin Altruism
		In-Group, Out-Group
	Reciprocal Altruism and Indirect Reciprocity
	God as War-Maker
		Patterns of Primate Alliance-Making
		Costly Signals with God for Help in Killing
	The Great Out-Group Prejudice of Humankind
	The Sociopathy of the In-Group
	Sociopathic Killing
Chapter 6: What it Means to Kneel
	Size and Domination: What it Means to Be Big
		Big Heads, Big Hats
		Eye Contact
		Hand and Foot Kissing
	Submission by Ideological Surrender
Chapter 7: Maladaptive Submission to the Godhead
	The Pecking Order
	Worthlessness and the Sin of Pride
		Sex and the Sin of Lust
		Food and the Sin of Gluttony
	Diminished Ability to Think
Chapter 8: The Fearsome Reputations of Apes, Men, and Gods
	The Origins of Reputation
Chapter 9: God's Territory
	Marking Territory
	Territory: Staking Claim to Sex
	Rape and the Bible
	Staking Claim to Mother Earth
		The Earth as Ecosystem
		Male Competition and Resource Consumption
		Religious Rapacity: An Alternate View
Chapter 10: Righting Ourselves
	The Psychology of the Other
	Pacifism and Selective Observance
	Erecting a Wall
	Societal Health and Future Directions
	Closing Thoughts
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