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TitleAll That Lives Must Die
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Table of Contents
Section I: The First Day of School
	1 New Rules
	2 Circles of Power And Regret
	3 Entrance Exam
	4 What We Do Best
	5 Placement And Displacement
	6 Not A Popularity Contest
	7 The Fool’s Opening Move
	8 Tour
	9 Ludus Magnus
	10 The Gates of Perdition
	11 Borderlands
	12 Hero-In-Training
	13 Just The Start
Section II: Rigors of Academic Life
	14 Blood Pedigree
	15 The Truth Will Hurt
	16 Breakfast Special
	17 Friends and Enemies
	18 The Unprepared Test
	19 Team Scarab’s First Match
	20 Little White Lie
	21 Unexpected Rendezvous
	22 A Problem Never Meant to be Solved
	23 Shopping For Trouble
Section III: Adversaries
	24 First Step on a Crooked Path
	25 Stones That Weep
	26 The Battle of Ultima Thule
	27 A Wrong Turn
	28 Shadow Legion
	29 Deception By Moonlight
	30 Captain
	31 What Mattered to Eliot
	32 Boy Trouble
	33 Three Words That Changed Her Life
	34 Outsider
Section IV: Freshman Midterms
	35 Father–Daughter Chat
	36 Cramming For The Midterm
	37 Pre-Test Jitters
	38 Midterm Maze
	39 Two Against One
	40 Grudge Match
	41 Expelled
	42 Consequences Be Damned
	43 A Match
	44 Infiltration
	45 Shadows, Honey, and Blood
	46 Conclusion Most Dire
	47 Tipped Balance
Section V: The Semester of Fire And Blood
	48 When There Were Still Lots of Options
	49 Electives
	50 No Match for his Charm and Intellect
	51 No More Just Friends
	52 Audition of Stars
	53 Challenge
	54 Music to End the World if Thou Desire
	55 Underestimation of his Cunning
	56 Two More Pieces in Play
	57 How to Foil a Death Trap
Section VI: Ditching
	58 Performance
	59 Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect
	60 The Trouble With Truancy
	61 What Little Girls Are Made of
	62 Collateral Damage
	63 Wolf Under the Waves
	64 First Time in the Headmistress’s Office
	65 A Very Long Distance Call
	66 One Thing Almost Everyone had Forgotten
	67 The Biggest Lie of His Life
	68 Not a Time to Be Coy
	69 Betrayal At The Gates of Perdition
Section VII: War is Hell
	70 Missteps in the Blasted Lands
	71 The Heroic Stand of Amanda Lane
	72 The Tower Grave
	73 Dux Bellorum
	74 Underlying Darkness
	75 Broken Hearts of Hell
	76 Last Moments Together
	77 Tide of Battle
	78 Just the two of them
	79 One in a Million
	80 The Last Moment When Everything was Still Possible
	81 Infernal Lord
Section VIII: Graduation
	82 Second Time in the Headmistress’s Office
	83 Last-Minute Details for Armageddon
	84 Cycle of Violence
	85 Ceremonies
	86 All that Lives Must Die
	87 Patched
	88 The Storm that None Survive
	89 No Rest for the Wicked
	90 The Long Walk Home
Reader’s Guide
Document Text Contents
Page 329

A chill shuddered up Eliot’s spine.
The man set his thick fingers on the tiny typewriter apparatus on his belt.

“Uh . . . Eliot Post.”
The man froze. “Not Master Eliot Zachariah Post, by any chance?”
Eliot nodded.
“A thousand pardons, sir.” The man eased to one knee and bowed so low that

his bones creaked. “Allow this lowly Ticket Master to welcome you aboard
, Limited Express to the Outer Domains of Hell, O Mighty Infernal

Eliot wasn’t comfortable with this genuflection. “Sure. Thank you. Uh, get up,

The Ticket Master obeyed. His expression was one of utter respect, and he

rubbed his gloved hands together. “How may this most unworthy one be of
service? A drink? A companion, perhaps?”
Eliot wasn’t about to disagree with someone mistaking him for a real Infernal

Lord . . . especially someone who was big enough to flatten him with one fist.
And besides, Eliot might be able to use this case of mistaken identity to his
“How about some information? Can you tell me what stop is—?” Eliot

searched his memory. Louis had shown him an image of Jezebel in his ring, and
her Queen Sealiah, and then he’d mentioned the name of the realm she ruled.
“—the Poppy Lands?”
The Ticket Master flinched. His gaze darted to the front of the train.
“Stop after next, young Master.” He swallowed. “After the Slag Mountain

Station in the Blasted Lands.”
Eliot followed his gaze up the train, seeing nothing. “Is there a problem?”
“The Protector of the Burning Orchards is also on board,” the Ticket Master

whispered. His rubbing hands stopped. “Her clan and your father’s . . . I wish
there to be no trouble.”
There was already trouble. Eliot was on a train to Hell. There was no guarantee

of him getting back. No one knew where he was. How Jezebel reacted when she
finally discovered him tailing her . . . that, at least, might be trouble he could
“There won’t be any,” Eliot told him, “as long as she doesn’t find out I’m

here.” He tried to sound elegantly threatening just as his father sometimes could.
The Ticket Master took an involuntary step back.

Page 657


In the second book of the Mortal Coils series, Eliot and Fiona enroll in the
Paxington Institute, a most unusual high school for the children of the gods,
Infernals, and the mortal magical families. Here more of the legendary world is
revealed—filled with high-stakes politics, intrigue, and magic as well as the
normal high school social dynamics that any teenager must survive.

[Warning: if you haven’t read the book yet, there are definite spoilers in this
1. One of the concepts drilled in at the Paxington Institute is to win at any cost.
Is winning at any cost justified under circumstances? Is there a difference
between winning in gym class and winning on a real battlefield?

2. At Paxington there are definite social layers based on which family the
students come from. Why do you think Jezebel, an Infernal, is set so high in
the social order? Why do you think that when Fiona’s origins are revealed
Eliot’s social standing doesn’t change?

3. Name as many things as you can that seem unfair to you about the Paxington
Institute. Is/was your high school in any way similar? Given the chance,
would want to go to such a school?

4. While some Paxington instructors have been explicitly identified, two have
not: the Headmistress, Miss Lucille Westin, and the music instructor, Ms.
Erin DuPreé. Who do you think their mythical counterparts are?

5. When Fiona wounds Mr. Ma, Robert tells her that everyone is afraid that this
is an omen of Armageddon. Is there any evidence that this might be true?

6. In , Sealiah’s Twelve Towers is a large but otherwise ordinary
villa. In , the villa has transformed into a formidable
castle. How is this possible? What does it imply about the Infernal rulers and
their domains in hell?

7. At the end of the war, Eliot is offered a reward for his assistance, while Fiona
is not. Why? If she was offered a reward, would she have taken it?

8. Why does Fiona consider Mitch’s offer to join him at the end . . . even after
he had deceived her? What would you have done?

9. There seem to be three “sides” in the upcoming conflict: the League of

Page 658

Immortals, the Infernal clans . . . and a different third group of individuals.
Who’s on this side? What are their goals? How does the “win at any cost”
lesson learned at Paxington apply here?

10. What would you have done about Jeremy and Sarah Covington after they
betrayed you? Would you have believed Sarah?

11. Do you think Amanda’s reaction to the twins at the end of the book is

12. Who is more powerful, the League of Immortals or the Infernal clans? On a
battlefield who do you think would win?

13. Eliot and Fiona end up on very different paths at the end of this book. Would
you have made the same choices?

For more information on Eric Nylund and the Mortal Coils series, visit, which includes a biography on the author and additional
information about his novels.

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