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TTred Stieglit#



m, V»

V With Reprodugtions of All 559 1^*

Illustrations Elates, Fully Indexed

Edited by Marianne Fji|f (^juMargolis C

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New York in the Thirties, Berenice Abbott. (22967-X) $6.50

Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, George N. Barnard.

(23445-2) $6.00

Old New York in Early Photographs, 1853-1901, Mary Black.
(22907-6) $8.95

Old China in Historic Photographs, Ernst Boerschmann. (24282-X)


Esther Bubley's World of Children in Photographs, Esther Bubley.
(24168-8) $6.00

Great Composers in Historic Photographs, James Camner (ed.).

(24132-7) $7.95

Great Conductors in Historic Photographs, James Camner (ed.).

(24397-4) $6.95

Cruickshank's Photographs of Birds of America, Allan D. Cruick-

shank. (23497-5) $7.95

Photo-Secession, Robert Doty. (23588-2) $5.95

Great News Photos and the Stories Behind Them, John Faber.

(23667-6) $6.00

San Francisco in the 1850s, G.R. Fardon. (23459-2) $3.00

Anatomy of Nature, Andreas Feininger. (23840-7) $7.95

Feininger's Chicago, 1941, Andreas Feininger. (23991-8) $5.00

Industrial America, 1940-1960, Andreas Feininger. (24198-X) $9.95

Nature Close Up, Andreas Feininger. (24102-5) $9.95

New York in the Forties, Andreas Feininger. (23585-8) $6.95

New York Nocturnes, Peter Fink. (24299-4) $5.95

Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War, Alexander Gardner.

(22731-6) $6.95

Lewis Carroll, Photographer, Helmut Gemsheim. (22327-2) $4.50

Men at Work, Lewis W. Hine. (23475-4) $4.00
Womenat Work, Lewis H. Hine. (24154-8) $6.00
Nineteenth-Century South America in Photographs, H.L. HofTenberg.

(24133-5) $10.95

The Building of the Panama Canal in Historic Photographs, Ulrich

Keller. (24408-3) $8.95

New York City: A Photographic Portrait, Victor Laredo. (22852-5)

New York in the Sixties; Photographs by Klaus Lehnartz, Klaus Leh-
nartz. (23674-9) $6.00

Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, 1839-1914, Robert F. Looney

(ed.). (23345-6) $8.95

Mr. Lincoln's Camera Man, Mathew B. Brady, Roy Meredith.
(23021-X) $11.95

Celebrity Portraits of the Twenties and Thirties, Nickolas Muray.

(23578-5) $6.00

Animals in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge. (20203-8) Clothbound $19.95

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UPPERLEFT: IX. The Letter, by Guido Rey. Oct. 1908, 24:41.
Photogravure. 20.1 x 15.2 cm. UPPER RIGHT: X. A Flemish
Interior, by Guido Rey. Oct. 1908, 24:43. Photogravure. 21.2 x
15.5 cm. LOWERLEFT: /. Soul of the Blasted Pine, by Annie W.

70 (igo8/igog)

Brigman. Jan. 1909, 25:5. Original negative; photogravure.

15.4 X 20.8 cm. LOWERRIGHT: //. The Dying Cedar, by Annie
W. Brigman. Jan. 1909, 25:7. Original negative; photogravure.
23.2 X 13.7 cm.

Page 91

UPPERLEFT: ///. rhe Brook, by Annie W. Brigman. Jan. 1909,
25:9. Photogravure. 15.6 x 21.2 cm. UPPER RIGHT: IV. The
Source, by Annie W. Brigman. Jan. 1909, 25:11. Original
negative; photogravure. 23.6 x 13.8 cm. LOWERLEFT: V. The

Bubble, by Annie W. Brigman. Jan. 1909, 25: 13. Original nega-
tive; photogravure. 16.0 x 23.4 cm. LOWERRIGHT: /. Girl with
Parasol, by Ema Spencer. Jan. 1909, 25:25. Original negative;
photogravure. 20.5 x 15.6 cm.

(7909; 7/

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(continued from front flap)

The Human Figure in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge. (20204-6) Cloth-
bound $15.95

Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion, Edweard Mu-
ybridge. (23792-1. 23793-1, 23794-X) Three- volume set Clothbound

The Daguerreotype in America, Beaumont Newhall. (23322-7) $7.95
Views of RomeThen and Now, Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Herschel

Levit. (23339-1) $8.95

Photographs by Man Ray: 105 Works, 1920-1934, Man Ray.
(23842-3) $6.95

Old Washington in Early Photographs, Robert Reed (ed.).
(23869-5) $7.95

How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New
York, Jacob Riis. (22012-5) $7.95

The American West in the Thirties, Arthur Rothstein. (24106-8) $6.50
The Depression Years as Photographed by Arthur Rothstein.

(23590-4) $6.95

Russell's Civil War Photographs, Capt. A.J. Russell. (24283-8)$6.95
A Picture History of the Brooklyn Bridge, Mary J. Shapiro.

(24403-2) $7.95

Great Radio Personalities in Historic Photographs, Anthony Slide.
(24298-6) $7.95

Camera Work: A Pictorial Guide, Alfred Stieglitz. (23591-2)
Photography and the American Scene: A Social History 1839-1889,

Robert Taft. (21201-7) $6.00

China and Its People in Early Photographs, John Thomson.
(24393-1) $12.95

Boston Then and Now, Peter Vanderwarker. (24312-5) $6.95
New York Then and Now: 83 Manhattan Sites Photographed in the

Past and Present, Edward B. Watson and Edmund V. Gillon, Jr.
(23361-8) $7.95

Wheeler's Photographic Survey of the American West, 1871-1873,
George M. Wheeler. (24466-0) $6.00

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Alfred Stieglitz


With Reproductions of

All 559 Illustrations & Plates, Fully Indexed
Edited by Marianne Fulton Margolis

Only examples of such work as gives evidence of individuality and artistic worth,
regardless of school, or contains some exceptional feature of technical merit, or
such as exemplifies some treatment worthy of consideration, will find recognition
in these pages.

Alfred Stieglitz kept the promise he made in the first issue of Camera Work.
The fifty numbers of this famous and lavisiily iUustrated periodical, which he
edited and published between the years 1903 and 1917, contained some of the
finest examples of photograpliy and modernist art. The magazine chronicled
the introduction of modern Emopean art into America, publishing plates of
Rodin's and Matisse's drawings, for example, three years before the Armory
show. Camera Work was a major force in the fight to have piiotography accepted
as a medium of artistic expression. It del)ated not only the question of what
in photography could be admissible as art, but discussed theories of modern
art in general. Shaw wrote for it; it had the first published piece by Gertrude
Stein. Paul Strand, the noted photographer, reflected the opinion of many when
he said that "the whole development of photography has been given to the
world through Camera Work."

This volume reproduces chronologically all the photographs and other illustra-
tions (except for advertisements) that ever appeared in Camera Work. Here
are some of the finest and l)est-known works by American and European artists
and photographers —numerous photos by Echiard Steichen, ,\lfred Stieglitz, Paul
Strand, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Clarence White, Robert Demachy, Frank
Eugene, Jidia Margaret Cameron, Gertrude Kiisebier, Heinrich Kiihn, and
many others; paintings, drawings and sculpture by Van Gogh, C^czanne, Mary
Cassatt, Picasso, Matisse, John Marin, Rodin, Brancusi, and Nadelman, to
name just a famous few.

Marianne Margolis has written an extensive historical introduction about
Stieglitz and the magazine, and prepared three complete indexes of the pictures
by title, artist and sitter. Painstakingly acciuate and complete. Camera Work
is an indispensable reference work for libraries, museiuns, pictiue collectors
and dealers, and an important I)ook lor the art student and general reader
who wish to survey an ouisiauding period in tlie history of photography and


Original Dover (1978) puiilication published in cooperation with tl
tional Museum of Photogiapliy at George P^astman House, Rochester
trations. Introduction, Ijibliography, glossary of photographic term;
index of artists, index of titles, and index of sitters iiy Marianne
xvii -j- 137pp. Bs/g x 11 14. Paperbound. $9.95

ISBN 0-486-23591-2 $9.95 in U.S.A.

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