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Foreword	iii
To Awaken You Sivananda Gurudev Came	1
Who Is Divine Mother Durga? 2
Let Virtue Rule Thy Life!	3
Start A New Life Now	5
Resolve To Follow Divine Life 6
Noble Task Of True Discipleship 8
Strive To Live Ideal Life	10
May The Great One Inspire You	14
Make Renunciation The Basis Of Your Life And Actions	16
Enshrine Thy Guru In Thy Heart!	19
Practice Gita Teachings	20
How Best To Celebrate Sivananda-Jayanti	22
Ma Anand Mayee Graces Sivananda-Jayanthi-Celebrations	24
Strive To Make Life A Perennial Divali	27
The Mystery Of The Supreme Divinity Is Revealed In Srimad Bhagwad Gita And The Bible	29
The Holy Trail Blazed By The Lives Of Saints	32
Tour In The South. Meeting With Dadaji. The Chandigarh Conference	34
The Spirit Of Mahasivaratri. Tour Of Gujarat	38
The Birthday Of Lord Rama. Glory To His Name	39
Fresh Beginnings: New Undertakings. Gurudev's Birthday Anniversary. Special Message To Sadhaks Who Attended Sadhanasaptah At
Swami Chidananda's 50th Birthday Message 44
Sow the Seeds of Love, Peace and Brotherhood	46
Pray For Others 48
Cosmic Love--The Very Basis Of Divine Life 51
Propagation Of Spiritual Knowledge	52
Be A Hero In The Battle Of Life	54
Proposed Pilgrimage From Himalaya To Malaya	57
The Malayasians' Profound Devotion To Gurudeva's Mission 59
Thanks And Deep Appreciations To Seekers Of Malaysia And Hong Kong	60
Montevideo--Strong Hold Of Gurudeva's Mission 63
Kalki--Avatar Of Hope, Foretold 66
Srimad Bhagwad Gita And Gospel Of Divine Life Are Identical	70
Forget Not The Goal Lead The Divine Life	72
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya	74
The Gita And The New Testament	78
My Message Of Truth For The New Year	80
In The Blessed Company Of Holy Saints	82
Vast Field Of Divine Life Activities	86
The Ramayana--The Light-House Of India 91
Divorce Not Religion From Your Daily Life	93
Satsang Is God's Gift 95
Service To Suffering Humanity Is The True Worship Of God	97
Bharatvarsha Is Home Of Premabhakti	100
Sivananda--Shining Embodiment Of Divine 104
Let Us Invoke Mother's Divine Benediction 107
Let The Light Of Virtue Ever Shine Bright In Your Character	109
Spiritual Awakening--Purpose Of Human Life 112
Glory Of Gurudev's Universal Prayer 115
Live Divinely	118
Holy Mission Of Gurudeva	121
Wonderful Is The Significance Of Mantra-Writing	124
Let Us Wake Up	126
Hearty Send Off From Bombay And Warm Reception At The Durban Sivananda Ashram	129
Sivananda's Mission Spreads Across The Ocean 134
Sivananda's Birthday Must Be A Day Of Retrospect And Spiritual Reassessment And Self Scrutiny 136
Gandhijee--Personal Gospel Of Divine Life 140
Guru Nanak--World Awakener Of Modern Age 143
Swami Venkatesananda And Swami Sahajananda Living Miracles Of Gurudeva	147
Mysterious Working Of Gurudeva's Grace 150
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of our sublime idealism, namely a reaching out towards Light. Verily, how great indeed is the need
to reinstate this concept into its lawful place in our country and its life today!

The Divine essence is symbolized by light. Its negation or rejection is darkness. Dharma or
the rule of righteousness is an emanation of the Divine expressed upon the human place. Dharma is
the God-Light in man’s life. When this light is denied expression, then the darkness of falsehood,
selfishness, greed and hatred come to prevail. Pride, violence and hatred hold sway over affairs of
men. The beauty of goodness gives place to the ugliness of vicious wickedness. From this darkness
man must seek relief and realise into the Light of pure living, for sorrow and suffering, misery and
degradation grow in such spiritual darkness. The darkness of Amavasya at Diwali time is
insignificant before the great darkness of Godless Hedonism that is gathering around the present
generation of mankind, enveloping life in its dire folds. The Light of Dharma alone can banish it.
This Light has to be invoked from within you. Dharma is the radiance emanating from the soul of
man, who is essentially Divine.

Every citizen of Bharata-Desa is potentially the custodian of Dharma, and as such
responsible for its active evolution and dynamic manifestation. Will you fail in this duty? Or will
you awake from this slumber and Light up the lamp of Dharma in your life, right now this Diwali

As I write these lines I am suddenly aware that the very name of this journal carries
particularly appropriate significance for this occasion! This the ‘Wisdom Light’ that enters into the
midst of darkness to banish it with its luminous message of spiritual life, Dharma and ethical
idealism. The resplendent light of Gurudev’s noble spiritual teachings has taken the darkness out of
the life of many a soul all over the world during these past two score years. The flaming torch of
Yoga, and Vedanta, of Niti and Sadachara, he has handed down to you, that you too may be a
bringer of light wherever you go, by your Divine Life of Seva, Bhakti, Dhyana and Jnana. Beloved
seeker, light up the bright Lamp of selflessness and service, of devotion and worship, of discipline
and meditation and luminous God-awareness. May this Light of Divine Life bring relief to
humanity suffering the bitterness and pain of its own thoughtlessness and Godlessness. May God
speed you across this vale of this gloom and speed you on towards that Immortal Light. This is
Supreme Bliss and Infinite Peace. A number of significant days of annual national observance
occur within this current month, and you should give some thought to each one of them without fail.
I therefore touch very briefly upon them here for your information and benefit. Advent of great men
and of great days serve to bring about in us a renewed awareness of our duties and the ideals upon
which our concept of duty in its manifold aspects is based.

Besides Diwali, the festival of Lamps, you have the auspicious Lakshmi PUJA (12thNov),
the Govardhan and Go-puja (13th), The Skand Shashthi Puja (13th to 18th), the Yajnavalkya
Jayanti (22nd), and Hari-Prabodhini Ekadashi (23rd) and Utthana Dvadshi (24th) as also Tulsi Puja
(24th) and last, but not least Sri Guru Nanak Jayanti (27th). These great sacred days of deep
significance sanctify this month and render it a period of reflection and meditation. Time and space
permit of only brief mention of their central message to us today. And here I state them for you.

Lakshmi Puja; “Money is the root of all evil” thus say the prophets and the sacred scriptures.
LAKSHMI is the GODDESS of Wealth. Why then worship this Goddess of the “root of all evil”?



Page 157

Like Sri Hans and mother Margarete Franke in Porz-Eil in W. Germany, here in Paris Mr.
Guy des Pinardes conducts a D. L. S. Branch under the name of Centre de Yoga Vedanta
Sivananda. Mr. Des Pinardes got his training from Yogiraj Sri Swami Vishnudevananda, Montreal,
in 1962-63 and from Swami Sharadananda at Rishikesh Ashram in 1965. He was blessed by Sri
Gurudev in 1962.

There are many other Yoga Centres working here. The spiritual discourses of the recent
Paris programme were very attentively received, with great earnestness. Though the process of
speaking through an interpreter who translates your talk sentence by sentence makes you feel rather
crimped and stiffed at times, yet it is satisfying and rewarding to the heart when one considers the
spiritual service that it implies and the response that it evokes in the listening souls. Who can say
that Sri Gurudev is gone and that he does not actively continue his spiritual ministry. Sri Gurudev is
very much active indeed and his work is certainly moving forward and gaining momentum. To
witness this is itself a benediction and an inspiration.

This servant leaves for Belgium on 2nd February, 1969, for a two weeks’ programme in that
country where there is a very strong movement of Yoga quite widespread with various centres in
many towns and cities including its capital Brussels. The Divine Life Society Branch in the town of
Aalst is being conducted by the Kiekens family with very great sincerity and loyalty to Sri Gurudev
to whom all the members are deeply devoted. They are endowed with much spiritual Samskaras.
After Belgium, a pressing request from Greece by our old friend Mother Lila Vlaouch of Athens
takes me there for a week’s tour. Then the important programme of Holland by Dr. L. Eversdyk
Smulders, writer and traveller well known in North India, who had visited Sri Gurudev in 1958-59,
will bring me to Holland in the first week of March for 10 day’s engagements. Then this servant will
have to cross the Atlantic where work awaits through Yogiraj Sri Swami Vishnudevananda
Maharaj, Sri Swami Shivapremananda Maharaj, Bill Eilers & Mrs. C. Sheldan, etc. who expect this
Sevak on the other side.

I am filled with immense joy to learn from the glowing reports received from my beloved
brothers at the Ashram about the wonderful and enthusiastic way in which the two sacred Silver
Jubilee events were very successfully celebrated under the gracious and able guidance of most
revered Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj and Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Maharaj with the
loving and enthusiastic help of the numerous Ashram Sadhakas and visiting devotees. They are
indeed most blessed and extremely fortunate, who took part in the festival of spiritual joy which
these two sacred Jubilees occasioned. The Divine Name Temple (Divya Nama Mandir) will
become a centre of tremendous attraction to draw all souls towards the Spiritual Path and the
Sadhana of the practice of the Divine Name of God. It will infuse power into the hearts of those who
behold it and approach it. Those who worship the NAME enshrined therein will obtain the boon of

From here I send my special felicitations to Sri Swami Vivekananda of Sivanandashram
who contributed half a lakh (50,000) of Likhit Japa towards the Mahamantra Yajna, this figure
being the highest among the Ashram residents. Divine Mother endow him with such Sadhana Sakti
and such Nishtha and Dharana always and take him rapidly towards the goal of God-realisation.



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