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TitleAdventure 1 - A Kidnapping in Umbar
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Adventure 1 – A Kidnapping in Umbar

1. Introduction for the campaign

This adventure begins the campaign proper in the great port city of Umbar, gateway to the
South of Middle-earth. The purpose of this adventure is to introduce the PC’s into the
setting, the plot is that the PC’s are tasked with trying to determine who is responsible for the
kidnapping of Prince Elatar of Gondor, the general perception being that Umbar is
responsible. The adventure is also used as a way of bringing the PC's together as a party -
there should be at least one PC who knows Prince Elatar by sight, one PC who has some sort
of tie to the government of Gondor, and one PC who has travelled in the deserts of Harad.
Keep in mind that many of the PC's will be in an unfriendly city, so the consequences of their
actions may be magnified. There should not be any elven PC's due to how elves are
perceived in Umbar.

The intended resolution of this adventure: That the PC's discover that an impostor is
pretending to be Prince Elatar, the Prince is not (as is generally believed) a prisoner in
Umbar, and that they will discover that the Cult of Melkhur has been revived - the PC's may
or may not be successful in damaging the cult in Umbar, but the intention is that the false
Prince (Gwaerenduath the Dindair) will get away. Gondor's Ambassador Celin will ask that
the PC's pursue the False Prince into the desert - the campaign requires that the PC's do
follow the impostor, not try and find the real Prince!

As a seeming aside, either a dwarven character or a mage/loremaster PC will happen upon a
copy of the tome "The Arcane Mysteries" in Umbar (if not already found). This is important
for the next adventure, Adventure 2 - Pursuit into the Desert.

2. Umbar - An Overview

Give the players the 'generally known information' handout below on Umbar. Some player
characters may know a bit more - if so they can be given some of the information presented

Umbar is ruled by an Oligarchy of six called the Council of Captains, also known as the
'Captains of the Havens' and 'Tower Lords'. Each captain is the head of a fleet and direct
liege lord of approximately one sixth of the arable lands around the Haven of Umbar. The
council is nominally chaired by the Admiral of the Haven, but apart from prestige (&
knowledge) this office conveys no extra power. The captains are evenly balanced in power at
present, and constantly strive against and compete with one another for power, influence and
to be regarded as pre-eminent with the title of 'Admiral of the Haven'. As descendants of a
long line of independent republican rulers, they and the populace in general have a healthy
dislike of the principle of kingship and the idea that one person can have absolute power.

The Captains at this time (Fourth Age 1200) are: Lord Borathôr, current Admiral of the
Haven (last two years) and the most powerful of the captains (at present). He looks too fat to
be able to even move, but in fact he is very strong, indeed his reputation is that he likes to
grab opponents and squeeze them to death. His fief is Marös & Tol Glingal (as Admiral), his
Chief Captain is Faltur and his tower in the city is Seaward. He actually visited Minas

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Mallor as Umbar’s ambassador several years earlier, and is anti-war as his main supporters
are the merchants.

Lord Arkhâd is Lord Borathôr's chief rival, and is the smallest in physical stature of the
captains. His Chief Captain is Bavire (a woman captain), his tower in the city is Westerly
and his fief is Pellardur. He fights with sword and shield, and is the most rabid for war with
Gondor, his main support are the corsairs and military.

Lord Adumir is a noble-looking warrior, and prefers to fight with a two-handed axe. He is
married to the Lady Eläemir. His Chief Captain is Valdûrmir, and his fief Isigir, his tower in
Umbar is Red.

Lord Eädur is the only female Captain of the Havens. She fights with rapier and main
gauche, a weapon combination that some male warriors (few living) have laughed at, as she
is incredibly quick and agile. In appearance she has long brown hair and grey eyes. Her
Chief Captain was Telicur but he has been lost at sea several months ago and has not been
replaced. Her tower in the city is Black (aka Dawn) and her fief Ardûmir.

Lord Mireädur is the most attractive in appearance of the Lords and knows it. He always
dresses in rich, well made clothes and jewels that enhance his appearance. His main interests
are raiding Gondor and being the best swordsman in Umbar, and excels with all types of
sword, but usually fights with broadsword and shield. He also hates the Dark Religion as he
sees their goal as forcing all to submit, so actively opposes them, he is also the most
committed to a republican way of life (would never consider being king). His Chief Captain
is Tulmir, his fief is Caldûr and his city tower is Fasthold.

Lord Teldûmeir fights with mace and shield, he loves fire so will often go on raids simply to
burn things and tends to wear red clothing. He has most of his servants working on a weapon
that he claims will revolutionize naval warfare. His Chief Captain is Nurmir, his fief is
Eradas and his city tower Flame.

Umbar is basically a warrior culture, where warriors are deemed to be superior to non-
warriors. Also high in status are merchants, as the city is also a main trading centre, bigger
even than the cities of Gondor. Those who serve on ships consider themselves superior to
the city guard and household guards of the Lords. Personal support for the Lords is based
mainly on pride in the Lord's military capabilities. Thus all Lords must raid and fight or they
will lose face and respect, and therefore power. Behind the Lords are the 'Tower families' as
they are called by the locals – these are the principal clans and families of the area.

The term 'corsair' is a pejorative one given by Gondor and is considered offensive by
Umbareans, who usually use the term 'sea person' or 'sailor' – this describes the combined
warrior/sailor/merchant class that most aspire to – thus fighting, trade & piracy are seen as
parts of the same thing by Umbareans – all designed to assist in the growth of prosperity of
the region. A 'sea person' can be either aligned or unaligned – aligned means that they have
sworn an oath of loyalty to serve one of the Council Captains. Unaligned (the majority)
sailors instead sign on for a single expedition or raid – and during this they are by Umbar law
considered the equal of aligned sailors, paid or given loot equally, although of course
shipboard officers and the ship's captain get larger shares or pay.

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