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Ch. 13: How Watching TV can Get You a Million
Dollars in Free Publicity

The tool you'll use to get publicity for yourself is simply
one sheet of paper: A news release.

 A news release is what it says: A release of news.

But few people writing them seem to understand that
fact. Instead, they are sending out ads and calling them
news. Editors get hundreds to thousands of news
releases every day. (!) If yours is a thinly disguised ad,
yours will get trashed.

So, how do you stay out of the trash can?

Let’s take it one step at a time...


Headlines can make or break your chances to get
media attention. Re-read the headlines I came up with
for Jeff, Barry, and myself in an earlier chapter. Aren't
they all catchy? Don't they all signal news?

Want a tip on how to write headlines for YOUR news

Listen to the commercials that try to get you to watch
the TV news. You'll hear short teaser phrases such as,
"Can your eyes be healed in 45 seconds?" or "Can this
dog save your life?"

 Another I heard was, "Meet the man who committed the
crime that shocked our nation!"

Those teases are headlines!

 And they are very hypnotic!

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In other words, while you watch TV tonight, note how
the teasers during the commercials lure you into
watching the news. What they are doing is hooking you
with spoken headlines.

You can follow the same principle when writing news
releases. This works for ALL the media and is used by
everyone from Oprah to Larry King to your local favorite
television news station.

Start to think like a reporter and generate headlines for 
news releases for your (let's say) e-book. Ask questions
such as --

* What's the news in your ebook?
* What's the news about you?
* How does your book affect readers?
* The world?
* Your neighborhood?

Fish for the news and then turn that news into a one-
page hard-hitting news (and news only) release.

This will all make more sense as you can continue with
the next chapter and review the examples to follow.

So let's not stop here!


Use your business letterhead. If you don't have
letterhead, don't worry about it. What the editor cares
about is your news, not you. A letterhead just adds
some credibility.

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