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Adept T2 Pendant User’s Guide
	Table of Contents
	1.1 Product Description
	1.2 System Compatibility
	1.3 Hardware Specifications
	1.4 Dimensions
	1.5 Safety
		Dangers, Warnings, Cautions, and Notes in Manual
		Emergency Stop Switch
	1.6 Proper Handling of the T2 Pendant
	1.7 How Can I Get Help?
		Related Manuals
		Adept Document Library
	1.8 Programming the T2 Pendant
	2.1 Installation in a SmartController System
		Bypass Plugs
	2.2 Installation in an i-Series Robot System
	2.3 Mounting Optional Wall Bracket
Identification of Controls and Indicators
	3.1 Controls and Indicators
	3.2 Enable Switches
	4.1 Main Menu Overview
	4.2 Turning Power On and Off
		Turning Power On From the T2 Pendant
			In Auto Mode
			In Manual Mode
		Turning Power Off from the T2 Pendant
		Turning Power On After an E-Stop
		Turning Power On After Enable Switch Released
	4.3 Calibrating From the T2 Pendant
		Typical Calibration Process
		Special Calibration Process
	4.4 Function Descriptions
		Predefined Function Buttons
		Programmable Function Buttons
		Soft Buttons
	4.5 Computer (COMP) Mode
		Off Mode
		Background State
	4.6 Pendant Control Modes
		World Mode
		Tool Mode
		Joint Mode
		Free Mode
	4.7 Edit Function
	4.8 Display Function
	4.9 Clear Error Function
	4.10 Command (CMD) Function
	4.11 Run/Hold Function
	4.12 Program Set Function
	4.13 Step Function
		MCP.NO.POT System Switch
	4.14 Gripper Function
	4.15 Controlling More Than One Robot
	4.16 System Menu
		Adjusting the LCD Screen Brightness
		Setting the Initial Slow Mode State
		Setting the Screen Saver
	5.1 Firmware Update
	5.2 Calibrating the Touchscreen
	5.3 Cleaning the Touchscreen
	5.4 Troubleshooting
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Adept T2 Pendant
User’s Guide

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Chapter 4 - Operation
4.5 Computer (COMP) Mode

Computer (Comp) mode is selected by pressing the COMP/PWR button, or by pressing
the MODE button until the COMP mode is selected. (COMP mode is active when the
indicator bar on the COMP/PWR button is lit, and when the circle to the left of COMP is
lit in the MODE display area.

In Computer mode, an executing program or the system terminal has control of the robot.

If High Power is enabled and the system is in Manual mode, pressing the COMP/PWR
button selects Computer mode. If the system is in Auto mode and High Power is disabled,
the COMP/PWR button enables High Power and selects computer mode.

Off Mode

The Off mode occurs when the pendant is not in the COMP mode, or in any of the
pendant-control modes. As a system safeguard, when the external Front Panel keyswitch
is moved from Auto to Manual, High Power is disabled and the pendant switches to the
Off mode.

The Off mode is enabled when none of the indicators in the Mode display area are lit - see
Figure 4-2. A mode is active when its corresponding indicator is lit, and inactive when it is
not lit.

Figure 4-2. Mode Display Area Showing the Off Mode

Background State

The Background state occurs when the pendant is in COMP mode and no predefined
functions are selected. You must press the REC/DONE button one or more times to clear
any predefined functions. When the Background state is enabled, a V+ program can
attach the pendant. When this occurs, the V+ program is in control and the USER
indicator is lit.
26 Adept T2 Pendant User’s Guide, Rev C

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sCobra T1 Joint mode.eps

Pendant Control Modes
4.6 Pendant Control Modes

The pendant control modes include World, Tool, Joint, and Free. When High Power is
enabled and the robot is calibrated, the Mode button is used to step through these four
modes in sequential order. The selected mode is shown by a lit indicator next to the mode
name in the Mode Display area. When one of these modes is active, the Pendant Control
LED is lit.

NOTE: If the system is placed into COMP mode, by pressing the
COMP/PWR button on the touchscreen or the Power On button,
subsequent pressing of the Mode button will enable the last pendant
Manual mode used by the operator.

World Mode

When world mode is selected, movement in the X, Y, or Z direction is parallel to an axis of
the world coordinate system.

Select an axis of motion using the Joint/Axis control buttons - see Figure 4-3. Pressing the
“+” button moves the robot tool flange in the positive direction. Pressing the “–” button
moves the flange in the negative direction.

Figure 4-3. World Mode (Four-Axis SCARA)







X direction

Y direction

Z direction

RZ Rotation




+Z T2 Pendant Joint/Axis
Control Buttons
Adept T2 Pendant User’s Guide, Rev C 27

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