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TitleAdding Assisted Living Services To Subsidized Housing
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
	I. Introduction
	II. Purposes
	III. Methodology
	IV. Findings
I. Introduction
II. Purposes
III. Methodology
	Table 1. Housing Funding Sources for Sponsors
IV. The Potential Demand For Assisted Living Services in Subsidized Housing: A Research Review
	A. Federally Subsidized Housing For Older Persons
		Table 2. Estimated Older Households Served by Various Federal Housing Programs, 1999
	B. Targeting To Those In Need
		1. Age
			Table 3. Needs Influencing the Decision to Move to Section 202 Housing by Age of the Applicant
		2. Gender
		3. Income
		4. Disability
			Table 4. Percent of Older Persons Reporting Disabilities by Housing Tenure
			Table 5. Percent of Residents Having Difficulty Performing Various Activities, as Reported by Manager
		5. Family Support
			Table 6. Older Household Type (Aged 65 and Older) by Housing Tenure
	C. Capacity To Deliver Services
		1. Characteristics Of The Physical Plants
		2. Congregate Services And Service Coordinators
		3. Services Experience
	D. Conclusions From The Reserach Review
	E. References For Research Review
V. Adding Assisted Living Services To Subsidized Housing: Findings From Case Studies
	A. Financial Issues
		1. Funding
			Table 7. Funding Sources for Service with 17 Subsidized Housing Sponsors
		2. Controlling Costs vs. Reasonable Pay For Workers
		3. Impact Of Assisted Living On Troubled Projects
		4. Cost Data For Assisted Living Programs
			Table 8. Selected Characteristics of 17 Assisted Living Services Sponsors
	B. Service Delivery Issues
		1. Scattered vs. Concentrated Assisted Living Units
		2. Residential vs. Institutional Environment
		3. Providing Services Directly vs. Contracting
		4. A La Carte vs. Bundled Service Programs
		5. Mandatory vs. Voluntary Meals Programs
		6. Coordination With Local Service Providers
	C. Level of Effort and Type of Housing
		1. Statewide Efforts vs. Individual Project Approach
		2. Public Housing vs. Private Nonprofit Housing
	D. Management Issues
		1. Compatability Of Housing And Services Staff
		2. Integrating Staff From Different Disciplines
		3. Impact Of Assisted Living On The Character Of The Project And On Potential Residents
		4. Impact Of Assisted Living Program On Resident Access To Services
		5. Project Liability
	E. Other Issues
		1. State Licensing
		2. Design Appropriateness And Retrofiting Needs
	F. Conclusions from Case Studies
VI. Case Studies in Providing Assisted Living in Subsidized Housing
		Immanuel House
		Tower One and Tower East
		Christian Church Homes of Kentucky
		Springvale Terrace Home, Inc.
		Cedar Lane Apartments
		Homecrest House
		Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
		St. Paul Public Housing Authority
	New Hampshire
		Stafford House
	New Jersey
		Asbury Tower
		Bernard Dubin House
		VNA Central Jersey Personal Care, Inc.
	North Carolina
		Koinonia Apartments
		Preiss-Steele Place
		Astor Dowdy Project
		Culpepper Garden
		The Housing Authority of Vancouver
Appendix A: Project Interview Schedule
Appendix B: Contact Persons
Appendix C: Glossary

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